Demeo’s Next Table Top Adventure is ‘Curse of the Serpent Lord’

Demeo was an instant hit for Resolution Games last year, combining D&D style gameplay with virtual reality (VR). Since the initial launch, the studio has released several expansions with Realm of the Rat King and Roots of Evil providing new quests to conquer. Today sees the fourth update teased, Curse of the Serpent Lord.

There’s only one singular image to go on currently, showcasing the titular ‘Serpent Lord’ that you’ll face as the final boss, looking like quite the intimidating character. Then you’ve got what looks like a new player character. When Roots of Evil arrived Resolution Games introduced a new character class; Molthas the Bard. So Curse of the Serpent Lord could very well add a sixth character class.

No other details are currently available regarding what else the expansion may contain, more will be teased in the coming weeks. What we do know is that Curse of the Serpent Lord is the first of two new adventures coming to Demeo this year.

This follows on from the PC edition of Demeo that launched last month. The PC version is completely compatible with the VR edition, making it even easier for friends to join in and populate a four-player game. Demeo is a turn-based title, where players have to work as a team to fight monsters, clear dungeons and vanquish the end boss.


Gmw3 is a big fan of Demeo saying in its review: “Demeo continues Resolution Games’ run of well-crafted VR titles, moving away from the frantic gameplay of Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale and Blaston into a far more laidback experience…Its slower style isn’t for everyone yet as an example of D&D in VR, Demeo excels.”

This hasn’t been the only videogame announcement from the Resolution Games team this week. They released the first gameplay trailer for upcoming sports title Ultimechs.

Demeo is available for Quest and SteamVR headsets with the Curse of the Serpent Lord expansion available as a free update from 16th June 2022. For continued updates on the latest Resolution Games titles, keep reading gmw3