Curse of the Serpent Lord Expands Demeo’s Adventures Today

As Resolution Games continue to release new adventures for tabletop experience Demeo, the videogame goes from strength to strength. Today sees the latest instalment arrive in the form of Curse of the Serpent Lord, adding not only a new environment but also new enemies and gameplay mechanics.

Demeo Curse of the Serpent Lord

In Curse of the Serpent Lord players are able to venture into a new Demeo region, Ronth, a desert land under the gaze of a scorching sun. All adventures need a bit of backstory and this new addition is no different. “In the desolate wastelands of Ronth Desert, the village of Izteria was built to be a shielded sanctuary to protect the followers of Iztir so they could worship in peace and solitude. But with the arrival of their serpent god, that peace broke — turning the townsfolk into monsters clad in the skin of reptiles,” the synopsis explains.

As you may already suspect, with its sandy domain Curse of the Serpent Lord is filled with scorpions, scarabs and more unusually shockwave-summoning Brutes. Oh, and snakes, big, red-eyed monstrous reptiles that cause havoc. In addition to those beasts are corruption tiles. This new environmental hazard can poison the minds of players and cause them to turn on their teammates.

There are new perks to make the challenge a little easier. First up are the merchants who can be found in-game to trade rare items with for valuable cards. Then there’s the new potion stand where you can pick up random potions for everyone in your party, with some new concoctions added in the update.

Demeo Curse of the Serpent Lord

Key to it all are the characters you choose and now there’s another, the Warlock Oana. Always accompanied by her Astacat, Cána, she’s a mighty warrior who can cast portals, fire magic missiles, and deploy magical barriers. Resolution Games has also taken player feedback on board regarding the Sorcerer. Zedokar’s new skill Overcharge fills him with electrical energy to stun any attacker whilst his Zap power is now a powerful Lightning Bolt.

“Our players may have started their journeys in the depth of the Elven Necropolis, but they’ve long since ventured beyond its crypt walls,” said Tommy Palm, founder and CEO of Resolution Games. “The world of Demeo is vast and varied, and we’ve revealed just a sliver of it so far. With today’s update players can explore the harsh desert environment for the first time — and there’s plenty more to come.”

Curse of the Serpent Lord is freely available to Demeo owners today. It won’t be the final adventure of 2022 either, with Resolution Games planning the fifth instalment for later in the year. For further updates keep reading gmw3.

‘Demeo’s Fourth Adventure ‘Curse of the Serpent Lord’ Releases Today, Trailer Here

Resolution Games today released the fourth module to its hit multiplayer tabletop RPG Demeo (2021), this time pitting your merry band of adventurers against what the studio calls a “cadre of desert-dwelling reptilian nightmares.”

Called ‘The Curse of the Serpent Lord’the adventure brings new enemy types, gameplay mechanics, and player options as the party expands to the desert region of ‘Ronth’. The module also brings a new Warlock class to the game in addition to rebalancing the Sorcerer class.

Here’s how Resolution Games describes it:

In the desolate wastelands of Ronth Desert, the village of Izteria was built to be a shielded sanctuary to protect the followers of Iztir so they could worship in peace and solitude. But with the arrival of their serpent god, that peace broke — turning the townsfolk into monsters clad in the skin of reptiles! Can your band of adventurers confront the Serpent Lord, uncover the truth, and break the curse?

And here’s a breakdown of what to expect in ‘The Curse of the Serpent Lord’:

  • New enemies – Face an all-new selection of foes, from turret-constructing followers of Iztir to burrowing Ronth Scorpions, rare Jeweled Scarabs, shockwave-summoning Brutes and more
  • Corruption – A brand new environmental hazard, corruption tiles can spread across the land poisoning the minds of players and causing them to turn on their allies
  • Merchants – Found as a point of interest in-game, the merchant will trade rare items you’ve collected for cards that will help you continue the fight against the forces of Iztir
  • Potions – Visit the new potion stand to secure random potions for everyone in your party, including a variety of formulations debuting for the first time in Curse of the Serpent Lord
  • Surprises – The sands hold many secrets — will you be the first to uncover them?

Demeo has added a Warlock named Oana to the lineup along, coming alongside a trusty familiar named Cána, something called an ‘Astacat’. Oana can create portals, fire magic missiles, and deploy magical barriers in addition to sending out Cána to fight on their behalf.

Image courtesy Resolution Games

The update has also “reconjured” Zedokar the Sorcerer by giving him the ability to overcharge, filling him with “a crackling electrical energy, stunning anyone who dares to attack and turning his Zap power into the much more powerful Lightning Bolt,” the studio says.

And that’s not all. The studio says Demeo will be getting a fifth adventure at some point later this year which takes the group into a town for the first time, a place that houses “powerful new enemies and all new dangers,” Resolution says.

“The world of Demeo is vast and varied, and we’ve revealed just a sliver of it so far. With today’s update players can explore the harsh desert environment for the first time — and there’s plenty more to come,” says Tommy Palm, founder and CEO of Resolution Games.

The Curse of the Serpent Lord update is now available for free on all supported devices, including both flatscreen and VR via Steam and for Meta headsets via the Quest Store and Meta PC Store. It’s also coming soon as a free update for Pico headsets.

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Demeos Debuts AR Demo At AWE 2022

An augmented reality (AR) demo for tabletop hit Demeo debuted at the AWE 2022 event last week.

Developer Resolution Games showed the VR and flatscreen title running inside the Lenovo ThinkReality headset, powered by a Motorola phone. You can get a look at some through the lens shots in our wrap up video below from the Between Realities team.

Demeo AR Demo Revealed

As you can see from the footage, the AR experience works by anchoring the gameboard to a surface like a desk. You’re still able to see other characters surrounding the environment beside you. As Resolution Co-Founder and President Paul Brady explained, though, this isn’t the full game running inside AR.

“We’ve only had the consumer dev kit for about three weeks now so we got a little experience together to demo is so people can see the potential of what it might be like to have a tabletop RPG experience in AR,” Brady said.

In fact, Resolution isn’t officially announcing an AR port of Demeo for any headsets at the moment, but this certainly shows the possibilities of where the game could head in the future. We already think the VR game offers a best-in-class social experience.

This demo, meanwhile, came about as part of Resolution’s participation in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Spaces initiative. Brady hinted that the program could enable Resolution to easily bring its projects to AR. “With their adoption and use of OpenXR and also their agnostic hardware approach it’s something that would make it easy for us to get it one place and make it available for lots of devices,” he said, “so we’re all about doing things in an agnostic approach like that.”

“Demeo’s average play time sessions are like two or three hours, so the ability to be in AR where you can see your environment around you too is an option that I think a lot of players will really appreciate in the future.”

Of course, there’s still plenty of other things in the works for Demeo right now. Stay tuned for the Upload VR Showcase this week at 8am PT on June 9 for a sneak peek at the game’s next hero.

Demeo’s Next Campaign, Curse Of The Serpent Lord, Arrives June 16

Resolution Games unveiled a teaser for its next Demeo campaign, titled Curse of the Serpent Lord, which is arriving soon.

The new campaign will arrive on June 16, available as a free update on all platforms. It will be the fourth campaign for the game, following on from the initial launch campaign, The Black Sarcophagus, and subsequent expansions, Realm of the Rat King and Roots of Evil.

Demeo Serpent Lord

There’s no other details available about Curse of the Serpent Lord besides the image above, but safe to say we can expect to hear more across the next few weeks before launch.

Demeo saw great success on release last year and we loved it, calling it a “near-peerless social VR experience” in our review and awarding it the titles of Best Co-op Multiplayer, Best PC VR Game and Game of the Year in our Best of 2021 awards. Since then, Resolution Games has expanded the game out with extra campaigns, a social hub area, and a flatscreen PC version of the game that offers cross-play with VR platforms.

The most recent campaign, Roots of Evil, took us to a slightly different enviornment from the first two campaigns and added a new class, the Bard. Here’s an extract from our hands-on:

If you loved what was on offer with Demeo’s base launch and Realm of the Rat King expansion, there’s little reason not to jump into Roots of Evil. There’s enough new twists here to give your party of 4 some welcome new challenges, and it’s great to see the game quite literally branching out (sorry) into new territory. VR’s best social gaming experience just keeps getting better.

You can read our full impressions here.

We can’t wait to see how Curse of the Serpent Lord developers Demeo further. Keep an eye out for more details soon.

Demeo’s Next Table Top Adventure is ‘Curse of the Serpent Lord’

Demeo was an instant hit for Resolution Games last year, combining D&D style gameplay with virtual reality (VR). Since the initial launch, the studio has released several expansions with Realm of the Rat King and Roots of Evil providing new quests to conquer. Today sees the fourth update teased, Curse of the Serpent Lord.

There’s only one singular image to go on currently, showcasing the titular ‘Serpent Lord’ that you’ll face as the final boss, looking like quite the intimidating character. Then you’ve got what looks like a new player character. When Roots of Evil arrived Resolution Games introduced a new character class; Molthas the Bard. So Curse of the Serpent Lord could very well add a sixth character class.

No other details are currently available regarding what else the expansion may contain, more will be teased in the coming weeks. What we do know is that Curse of the Serpent Lord is the first of two new adventures coming to Demeo this year.

This follows on from the PC edition of Demeo that launched last month. The PC version is completely compatible with the VR edition, making it even easier for friends to join in and populate a four-player game. Demeo is a turn-based title, where players have to work as a team to fight monsters, clear dungeons and vanquish the end boss.


Gmw3 is a big fan of Demeo saying in its review: “Demeo continues Resolution Games’ run of well-crafted VR titles, moving away from the frantic gameplay of Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale and Blaston into a far more laidback experience…Its slower style isn’t for everyone yet as an example of D&D in VR, Demeo excels.”

This hasn’t been the only videogame announcement from the Resolution Games team this week. They released the first gameplay trailer for upcoming sports title Ultimechs.

Demeo is available for Quest and SteamVR headsets with the Curse of the Serpent Lord expansion available as a free update from 16th June 2022. For continued updates on the latest Resolution Games titles, keep reading gmw3

‘Ultimechs’ Looks Like ‘Rocket League’ with Missile-firing Robots, Gameplay Trailer Here

Developers Resolution Games unveiled their upcoming VR sport Ultimechs in late 2021, although it wasn’t clear from the cinematic trailer exactly what sort of game we were dealing with. Now the studio has tossed out its first gameplay trailer, showing off some very Rocket League-inspired action mixed with teleporting, missile-firing mechs.

Ultimechs promises to serve up 2v2 multiplayer matches which is said to be based on “precise punches and impeccable reaction times,” the studio says in a press statement.

Here’s how Resolution games describes the action:

“Ultimechs puts players in control of state-of-the-art machines designed for speed and power. Working alongside a teammate, each competitor pilots their mech in pursuit of a massive superball as it ricochets its way around the arena. Using quick movements to stay on top of the ball and one step ahead of opponents, victory comes with a rocket-powered fist being aimed, shot and steered into the superball, slamming it into the goal. The precision, impeccable reaction times and lightning-fast calculations required to come out on top are sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats.”

Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm compares it to wielding a guided missile and “changing direction on-the-fly as you try to strike a target in mid-air at just the right angle.”

Although focused on 2v2 gameplay, Ultimechs is said to also include a 1v1 mode. The game is still slated to arrive sometime this year on “major VR platforms,” so it seems there’s still much to learn.

At least for now, the studio says it’s available for Steam wishlisting, so it will be on PC VR headsets. The game’s previous trailer also showed a user donning a Quest 2, so it’s likely coming to that platform as well.

Resolution Games has tapped into multiplayer VR genre recently with a number of competitive and co-op experiences, such as BlastonDemeo, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels, and Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale. As a pioneering VR studio, this transition to multiplayer games makes for a solid barometer in where the industry is currently.

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First Trailer Unveils Ultimechs’ High Octane Gameplay

Resolution Games teased Ultimechs – its next virtual reality (VR) multiplayer – back in November, as an arena-based eSport with robots. Today, the studio has released the first official gameplay video for Ultimechs, showcasing fast and competitive team-based action.


Ultimechs will be a high-performance 2v2 (or 1v1) sport where players take control of huge robots. They’ll then try to score as many goals as possible by smashing a giant ball around the arena. Players do this by manoeuvring between set points in the arena, firing and then remotely controlling rocket-powered fists to punch the ball.

Very different to Resolution Games’ latest VR title Demeo, the Ultimechs announcement still leaves a few questions unanswered such as whether the different robots are purely cosmetic or whether they have different traits. There’s also no mention of multiple arenas or the possible spectator mode that was previously hinted at.

“Imagine guiding a missile and changing direction on-the-fly as you try to strike a target in mid-air at just the right angle,” said Tommy Palm, founder and CEO, of Resolution Games in a statement. “That’s the Ultimechs experience. It’s about guiding rocket-powered fists to find that Superball sweet spot, knocking it out of your opponent’s reach and into the goal.


“With Ultimechs, we wanted to make something that was fast, fun, and always better with friends,” Palm continues. “Ultimechs is all about those moments that can only happen on a team, like setting up shots for your partner to rack up the points, or guarding the net while your teammate calculates their best offensive move. We’re looking forward to seeing some fierce competitions out there!” 

Currently, Resolution Games has confirmed that Ultimechs will be a PC VR title as you can now wishlist it on Steam. The studio also mentions that the launch later in 2022 will be for “major VR platforms” which suggests Meta Quest 2 may also get support. For continued updates on Ultimechs keep reading gmw3.

Blaston’s Latest Update Begins Move Towards VR eSports

There are certain virtual reality (VR) titles that seem like an easy fit for pro esports events, with Resolution Games’ Blaston certainly being one of them. Today, the studio has announced the release of the Blaston: Reloaded adding new weapons, attachments and the videogame’s upcoming inclusion in the VR Master League.


Blaston: Reloaded gives you even more choice during combat by offering weapon customisation options prior to each match. Initially, there will be 30 unique modifications across 10 different weapons, providing the ability to speed up projectiles or curve them into your opponent. You’ll also want to make use of the new Luma Bow with its ‘Cyber Bow’ skin. The bow offers archer-like accuracy and spectacular damage at the cost of duel wielding while the skin is thanks to a collaboration with Fast Travel Games’ Apex Construct. More customisation options will arrive in future updates.

Then there’s the new seasonal game mode, Street Brawl. Rather than on elevated podiums, you’re now street level and further apart, armed only with a Cyber Bow and a modified Nova

“There’s always been a layer of strategy in Blaston specifically tied to the game’s weapon choices,” said Tommy Palm, founder and CEO of Resolution Games in a statement. “Being able to customize weapons is something our players have continually told us they’d like to see, letting them equip attachments that change the way they play. Today’s update answers that call while also positioning Blaston for professional esports competition, where weapon attachments will help to establish the unique play styles of Blaston‘s professional competitors, amping up the excitement for spectators.”


Lastly, there’s Blaston’s addition to the VR Master League. Resolution Games has partnered with the organisation to launch the first officially-sanctioned Blaston esports competition in May. If interested you can signup now with the season commencing on 16th May. The studio notes that “future updates will focus on ensuring fair and balanced play” to help grow Blaston’s new esports focus. To that end, a free Blaston Spectator app for PC will be available from 5th May.

For continued updates on all of Resolution Games’ VR titles, keep reading gmw3.

Blaston To Raise Price To $20 Ahead Of 2022 Roadmap

Resolution Games is increasing the price of its multiplayer VR shooter, Blaston, ahead of its next big update.

The Quest and PC VR title will jump from $9.99 to $19.99 on January 17th, so you still have a few days to pick it up at the original price. In the video below, Resolution Games noted that the move was made to reflect the many updates Blaston has seen since launch in late 2020, including new modes, social VR features and user-made tournaments.

Blaston Updates Incoming

“We had the approach of launching something as early as we possibly could and developing it together with the community as much as possible,” Resolution CEO Tommy Palm told UploadVR in the interview below. “But at this point we feel it’s a full-fledged game with a lot of content, and it’s worth $19.99.”

He later added: “We always felt with Blaston had this potential to become something much bigger. You could really compete with other players and become quite good at it.”

In addition, there’s more Blaston to come. April will see the launch of the Blaston Reloaded update, which plans to revamp the core game with a weapon attachments system that will let players further customize their arsenal. There will also be new graphical enhancements for the PC VR version of the game and a new seasonal mode. Finally, there’s a new weapon set to be added in collaboration with another VR games studio.

Another update will follow in the summer.

Blaston joins a growing number of VR games that have increased their base price after months of free updates. Cloudhead Games started charging more for its rhythm-based shooter, Pistol Whip, in mid-2021 and Space Pirate Trainer also increased its base price after adding the fantastic local multiplayer mode in the DX update.