Shell Collaborates With EON Reality to Employ AR & VR Solutions Globally

More and more global companies are finding innovative use cases for deploying virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) based solutions across their infrastructure. Royal Dutch Shell plc – best known for its oil and gas exploration and production businesses – has announced that its Digital Realities team will work with EON Reality to create a global immersive training programme.

EON Reality - Virtual Trainer

EON Reality and Shell have actually been working together for several months now, testing out an aircraft refuelling training programme. This helped Shell test Virtual Trainer, part of the EON Reality connected learning AVR platform.

The whole purpose is that Shell plans to target key uses cases where Virtual Trainer provides an efficient solution that can be scaled, rather than used in only a single facility.

“Shell is on a digital transformation journey. ARVR is a key linking technology in that helps us visualise data and environments and make them tangible for our operational staff,” said Michael Kaldenbach, who leads the deployment of Digital Realities at Shell in a statement. “Liquid intelligence is what the next generation excels at, we want to use their skillsets at Shell, so we have designed a learning portfolio that fits their way of learning, not vice versa”.

Shell - EON Reality

“Shell are not alone in the desire to match learning strategy with multiple VR and AR training applications that is scalable. As VR and AR goes mainstream in enterprise companies like Shell, the connected platform solution is needed to move beyond silos of departmental activity and support systematic delivery of targeted applications, which have been selected to tackle real business issues,“ said Eamonn Watson, Business Development Director at EON Reality’s European Headquarters in Manchester.

Through Shell and EON Realities partnership the immersive training in VR can be made available on demand, via Virtual Trainer lessons and can negate the costs of production or operational shutdown for training and offer global, preparatory training for high risk, HSSE emergencies.

Check out the video below which showcases some of the use cases the pair are working on. And for further updates, keep reading VRFocus.