First Trailer Unveils Ultimechs’ High Octane Gameplay

Resolution Games teased Ultimechs – its next virtual reality (VR) multiplayer – back in November, as an arena-based eSport with robots. Today, the studio has released the first official gameplay video for Ultimechs, showcasing fast and competitive team-based action.


Ultimechs will be a high-performance 2v2 (or 1v1) sport where players take control of huge robots. They’ll then try to score as many goals as possible by smashing a giant ball around the arena. Players do this by manoeuvring between set points in the arena, firing and then remotely controlling rocket-powered fists to punch the ball.

Very different to Resolution Games’ latest VR title Demeo, the Ultimechs announcement still leaves a few questions unanswered such as whether the different robots are purely cosmetic or whether they have different traits. There’s also no mention of multiple arenas or the possible spectator mode that was previously hinted at.

“Imagine guiding a missile and changing direction on-the-fly as you try to strike a target in mid-air at just the right angle,” said Tommy Palm, founder and CEO, of Resolution Games in a statement. “That’s the Ultimechs experience. It’s about guiding rocket-powered fists to find that Superball sweet spot, knocking it out of your opponent’s reach and into the goal.


“With Ultimechs, we wanted to make something that was fast, fun, and always better with friends,” Palm continues. “Ultimechs is all about those moments that can only happen on a team, like setting up shots for your partner to rack up the points, or guarding the net while your teammate calculates their best offensive move. We’re looking forward to seeing some fierce competitions out there!” 

Currently, Resolution Games has confirmed that Ultimechs will be a PC VR title as you can now wishlist it on Steam. The studio also mentions that the launch later in 2022 will be for “major VR platforms” which suggests Meta Quest 2 may also get support. For continued updates on Ultimechs keep reading gmw3.