Space Tarzan Adventure Yupitergrad to Return With Guns

Gamedust grabbed plenty of attention in 2020 with its first virtual reality (VR) Yupitergrad, challenging players to swing through a highly dangerous space station. This week the studio has revealed it’s working on a sequel, expanding upon the gameplay with more rope-swing action and for the first time, guns!

Yupitergrad 2

Called Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station, Gamedust claims the sequel will be “the first modern Metroidvania type of game in VR” thanks to a selection of gadgets for moving around the levels in addition to the franchise’s well-known grappling hook suction cups. What types of gadgets have yet to be revealed.

Yupitergrad‘s core gameplay is built around swinging around like Spider-Man through all manner of hazardous areas trying not to die countless times. The sequel promises a bigger, free-roaming environment to explore but this time you won’t be alone. The space station will be filled with rebellious robots to deal with, unlocking a whole new arsenal of weaponry to play with mid-flight. These you can see in action in the reveal trailer below.

When you’re not too busy unleashing a volley of bullets whilst swinging through the air, you’ll need to solve various environmental puzzles, unlock further passages and hunt for hidden secrets. There’s still a basic narrative to enjoy as well, you’re on this huge space station after answering a mysterious signal.

Yupitergrad 2

“Our whole team had a great time creating the first Yupitergrad, and on top of that, the game was a success. We still want to swing in space and further develop this world. Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station will be a unique game as it is the first, faithful to the genre, Metroidvania in a VR environment. We are preparing the possibility of acquiring new equipment, searching for ways to open doors, and above all, a lot of freedom moving around the beautiful and detailed space station,” said Gamedust game designer Dominik Strugała in a statement.

Currently, Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station doesn’t have a launch window but Gamedust does plan on supporting Meta Quest and PC VR headsets. For further updates when available, keep reading gmw3.