Space Tarzan Adventure Yupitergrad to Return With Guns

Gamedust grabbed plenty of attention in 2020 with its first virtual reality (VR) Yupitergrad, challenging players to swing through a highly dangerous space station. This week the studio has revealed it’s working on a sequel, expanding upon the gameplay with more rope-swing action and for the first time, guns!

Yupitergrad 2

Called Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station, Gamedust claims the sequel will be “the first modern Metroidvania type of game in VR” thanks to a selection of gadgets for moving around the levels in addition to the franchise’s well-known grappling hook suction cups. What types of gadgets have yet to be revealed.

Yupitergrad‘s core gameplay is built around swinging around like Spider-Man through all manner of hazardous areas trying not to die countless times. The sequel promises a bigger, free-roaming environment to explore but this time you won’t be alone. The space station will be filled with rebellious robots to deal with, unlocking a whole new arsenal of weaponry to play with mid-flight. These you can see in action in the reveal trailer below.

When you’re not too busy unleashing a volley of bullets whilst swinging through the air, you’ll need to solve various environmental puzzles, unlock further passages and hunt for hidden secrets. There’s still a basic narrative to enjoy as well, you’re on this huge space station after answering a mysterious signal.

Yupitergrad 2

“Our whole team had a great time creating the first Yupitergrad, and on top of that, the game was a success. We still want to swing in space and further develop this world. Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station will be a unique game as it is the first, faithful to the genre, Metroidvania in a VR environment. We are preparing the possibility of acquiring new equipment, searching for ways to open doors, and above all, a lot of freedom moving around the beautiful and detailed space station,” said Gamedust game designer Dominik Strugała in a statement.

Currently, Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station doesn’t have a launch window but Gamedust does plan on supporting Meta Quest and PC VR headsets. For further updates when available, keep reading gmw3.

14 Minutes of Tarzan VR Gameplay on Oculus Quest

Tarzan VR header

Today sees the launch of Tarzan VR, bringing the iconic comic book character to life inside virtual reality (VR) for Oculus Quest. An episodic adventure told over the course of three chapters, if you’ve been interested in picking the title up then take a look at VRFocus’ latest gameplay video showcasing an early section of the videogame.

Tarzan VR

Tarzan VR originally launched last year as a project between Fun Train (The Exorcist: Legion VR) and Stonepunk Studios (Primordian) for SteamVR headsets. For the Oculus Quest edition, Fun Train brought in the talents of Steel Wool Studios (Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Most Wanted) to ensure a perfect fit for the comic book caper.  

As you’ll see in the gameplay video, Tarzan VR’s art style works well on the standalone headset and so does the gameplay, being able to freely swing through the treetops, climb trees or fight the mercenaries invading his jungle home. All of Tarzan VR’s gameplay is designed to be fairly physical, punching enemies, actually having to swim underwater and swinging your arms to run.

While each chapter will continue the main narrative each one will introduce new elements. Episode 1 for example features the “Mighty Axe” whilst in the second instalment, it’s all about the slingshot. Plus, as this is an officially licensed videogame there are plenty of easter eggs to find such as audio recordings from the 1950’s live-action instalments.

Tarzan VR

In its SteamVR review of Tarzan VR VRFocus said: “Much like the comic books it’s based around, Tarzan VR is a light affair that can be easily consumed in stages. The action isn’t too particularly tough, and the enemies aren’t at all clever but the overall experience is enjoyable enough for a couple of hours.”

Unlike the SteamVR launch which saw Tarzan VR released episodically, the Oculus Quest version will contain all three chapters (Episode 1- The Great Ape, Episode 2- The Jagged Edge and Episode 3- The Dead of Night) for $24.99 USD. For further updates on Tarzan VR including the PlayStation VR version, keep reading VRFocus.

Get in Lane With This ForeVR Bowl Gameplay

ForeVR Bowl

Today sees ForeVR launch its first virtual reality (VR) for the Oculus Quest platform, ForeVR Bowl, bringing some classic sporting action to the standalone headset. VRFocus has already reviewed the title but why not see it in action with a little gameplay video recorded on the Oculus Quest 2.

ForeVR Bowl

Who doesn’t love a bit of bowling? Considering the past year and the fact that venues have all but shut, a bit of home VR bowling is more than welcome. ForeVR Bowl combines realistic physics with a playful attitude where you can practice bowling a few strikes solo first before challenging friends either at home or online.

ForeVR Bowl is split into four gameplay modes two single-player and two multiplayer. On your own keep it friendly or play ranked matches and try for a leaderboard spot. Want to practice a certain split, you’re covered on that front as well. On the multiplayer side, you and three friends can compete online or for those able to enjoy a home gathering there’s Pass and Play, allowing up to eight people to swap the headset between themselves.

Playing in ranked matches earns you cash which can then be used to by more bowling balls. As ForeVR Bowl relies heavily on accurate physics each ball is slightly different, not just is look but in handling. Some are better for spinning, others pure speed, whilst some a heavy dead weights that won’t bounce at all.

ForeVR Bowl

“At its core, a bowling videogame should be fun for all levels whilst providing enough depth for serious players to compete and feel challenged. ForeVR Bowl easily achieves all of this, with some great bowling mechanics combined with gorgeous visuals,” VRFocus said in its review.

ForeVR Bowl is exclusive to Oculus Quest. Take a look at a small sample of what the videogame will offer below – as well as VRFocus’ awful bowling – and when further content becomes available we’ll let you know.

Beware A Wake Inn’s Living Dolls in VR Bros’ new Insights Video

A Wake Inn

VR Bros’ upcoming virtual reality (VR) horror A Wake Inn is due for release next week and for those fans eager to see more here’s another sneak peek. Continuing the studio’s Dev Insight series, VRFocus has an exclusive video detailing the enemies they’ll find in the experience – the living dolls.

A Wake Inn

As players wander through the creepy Silver Inn Hotel, navigating the corridors and dimly lit rooms they’ll occasionally come across some residents. Not human folk, but robot dolls which will lurk in dark corners or float through – they have legs but don’t walk – the hallways.

While they are robotic just like the character these are more mindless killing machines with hammers and axes for hands, instantly attacking when players make too much noise or get spotted by the weird eyeball sentries which raise the alarm. Should this happen players aren’t defenceless, able to pick up pipes and hatchets to do some damage. But A Wake Inn isn’t an action title, arousing the suspicion of a group means death, unless an escape can be found.

So it’s best to stay quiet and avoid trouble. However, players are in an old wheelchair which has a tendency to squeak and ruin subtle movement. So there are oil canisters littered around to lube up the gears to reduce the noise. If the worse does happen then have a Static Grenade handy, knocking enemies out for a short time. These can be found as well as built, making searching each room a must.

A Wake Inn

VRFocus previewed A Wake Inn recently, finding the experience: “offers an exciting prospect for VR horror fans. Elements like the design of the hotel and the audio carefully craft an atmosphere rich in tension and dread, whilst teasing the sinister story just under the surface.”

Check out the new video below. A Wake Inn launches next Thursday, 25th February on Steam for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Valve Index headsets. For further updates on the horror title, keep reading VRFocus.

Five Nights At Freddy’s VR Trailer Gives A Look At Captured Quest Gameplay

Steel Wool Studios released a new trailer for Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted this week that gives over a minute of Oculus Quest footage.

Even though the game has been out for quite some time on SteamVR and on PSVR, the upcoming Oculus Quest version feels like an opportunity for new life. Just as with many games over the last year, releasing again on Quest is a great opportunity for Five Nights at Freddy’s VR to have a lot of success.

Not only is the standalone Quest a great device in and of itself, but it’s also naturally more shareable and easy to show off as quick demos to people and Five Nights at Freddy’s VR is the perfect game for that. Millions of people are familiar with the franchise from the PC games to the mobile games, so it won’t require a lot of introduction.

This trailer gives us a great glimpse into what the Quest port will look like. Not all Quest ports are created equally, as evidenced by Robo Recall and Red Matter — two ports on completely different ends of the “how close is this to the original” spectrum. But based on this quick look, Five Nights at Freddy’s VR looks like a pretty solid job.

We’ll have our full review, video footage, and livestreams for you to consume with your eyeballs next week. Until then, let us know down in the comments if you plan on playing Five Nights at Freddy’s VR. Why or why not?

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The VR Game Launch Roundup: Wizards and Wave Shooters

Here are five new virtual reality (VR) titles to look forward to over the next week. Featuring a mixture of new AAA experiences, indie games and re-releases, this week’s list features content for every headset. Make sure to check out the accompanying YouTube video for more information on each title.

Lies BeneathLies Beneath – Drifter Entertainment

Previously just released on the Oculus Quest, Drifter Entertainment’s well-received action-horror survival videogame is now getting the Oculus Rift treatment. Set in the town of Slumber, Alaska. College student Mae is on a mission to save her father from the townsfolk and creatures who have infected her hometown. Featuring various levels of comfort and difficulty, you are tasked with fending off hordes of monsters using various unique weaponry such as shotguns, knives and explosives while solving various puzzles along the way.

  • Supported platforms: Oculus Rift
  • Launch date: 14th April

Dragonride VR – TypeEh Studios

Following a delay, indie studio TypeEh Studios is finally releasing dragon-flying experience next week. Race through the skies of three different interactive fantasy worlds. Featuring a range of different comfort modes while travelling, users can complete time challenges, shoot targets and cast magic spells while flying through stunning landscapes.

DragonRide VRDjinni & Thaco: Trial By Spire –

In this first-person VR tower defence title, you take on the role of powerful magical spirit Djinni, who has been sent by the wizard Thaco to defeat the armies sent by enemy King Crambone. Featuring over 30 hours of gameplay, use hand gestures to perform spells to take on the hordes of strange enemies, such as knights, pixies and giant clock robots.

The Under Presents – Tender Claws

Previously released for Oculus Quest in November 2019, The Under Presents is a theatrical VR experience featuring pre-recorded and live actors in a multiplayer hub as well as a solo mission called Timeboat! Brought to you by LA-based studio Tender Claws, you enter a dimension that exists outside of time and space, encountering a mysterious being known as “The Under.” You interact with both other VR users and scripted film characters in an experience described by the studio as a place where “immersive theatre meets VR gaming.”

KongfusionKongfusion – ZMVR

In this single-player indie action VR Kung Fu title, you are faced with taking on hordes of numerous incoming Kungfu enemies which you must work quickly to dodge. Featuring two game modes, ‘Arcade’ and ‘Endless,’ the enemies fly in to block the player’s progress. You must use your fighting stick to fend off any enemies in your path, along with other obstacles and traps that stand in your way.

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The VR Games Launch Roundup: Earthquakes, Obelisks and Oral Hygiene

VRFocus presents a brand-new list of five virtual reality (VR) titles being released over the next week. This week’s list features at least one videogame for the owners of all major headsets, including a host of long-awaited re-releases. To help give you a preview of each title you can check out the accompanying YouTube video at the bottom of this article. Make sure to keep following VRFocus to get further news on each one including possible updates, expansion packs or possibly re-releases for other headsets.

FORM-VR-Screenshot-02Form – Charm Games

Canadian game studio Charm Games first released puzzle experience FORM in mid-2017. Set in a secluded research facility in Alaska, you take on the role of physicist Dr. Devin Eli, who, as a result of childhood trauma, possesses the unique power of geometric visualisation. In an attempt to discover more about a mysterious artefact, The Obelisk, you must explore this doctor’s memories to unlock the secrets it contains. Unlock a series of puzzles within your own mind, which are built to be solved using tracked motion controllers. VRFocus previously awarded the original HTC Vive version a 4/5, describing it as a “mesmerising experience from start to finish.”

  • Supported platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Launch date: 7th April

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories – Granzella

Previously only available in Japan, this action-adventure survival game will be available to PlayStation VR users next week. On a seemingly ordinary summer day, your trip to this city turns into a disaster as a gigantic earthquake terrorises you and your surroundings. You must team up with fellow survivors and fight your way out as collapsing buildings and unstable ground surround you. Your decision-making abilities could be the difference between life and death in a city on the brink of collapsing completely.

  • Supported platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Launch date: 7th April

Virtual BattlegroundsVirtual Battlegrounds – CyberDream

Built from the ground up for virtual reality and set in this war-hungry dystopian island, in Virtual Battlegrounds you must fight to become the last one standing. Featuring an array of physics-based weapons, you can run, swim and jump your way to victory both on your own or with friends in solo and quad modes and also featuring AI bots. VR users can play while standing or seated, with a host of other comfortable playing options available.

Ironlights – E McNeill

In this VR duelling game, utilise a series of physics-based weapons to take on your opponents in both single and multiplayer modes. Choose from several fighting styles including Knight and Ninja. Users can even play a single-player game while waiting for a match! Replay features allow you to watch a playback of your fight, which you can export share to the world.

IronlightsVirus Popper – Starcade Arcade

This educational title aims to help people learn about the importance of personal hygiene. Wash your hands and make use of powerful disinfectants and sprays to fend off viruses, while avoiding touching your face. Indie developer Starcade Arcade, states that they aim to “make a fun and friendly way to share important messages without adding to the fear and panic in the world right now.”

Lies Beneath Out Today for Oculus Quest, 10min Gameplay Video Inside

Now is most certainly the season for new titles on Oculus Quest with Down the Rabbit Hole, The Room VR: A Dark Matter and Covert arriving. For those who like their virtual reality (VR) experiences with a few more scares and gore, Drifter Entertainment has now released Lies Beneath for the standalone headset.

Lies Beneath

With an eye-catching visual style similar to that of vintage comic books and some nasty looking monsters Lies Beneath tells the tale of Mae, a college student returning to the sleepy town of Slumber, Alaska with her father. An accident occurs and they become separated, so Mae needs must fight to save her father, encountering the terrifying townsfolk and creepy creatures infecting her hometown.

Only revealed a few weeks ago, Lies Beneath offers players a heart-pounding experience where they can use an assortment of weapons to survive. From ranged weapons including shotguns and pistols to knives and spears for close combat, players will be able to dual wield their arsenal for maximum damage. Like any good horror Lies Beneath can get a little dark and creepy so players also come equipped with a lighter to illuminate those corners – plus it comes in useful when lighting checkpoint lanterns and fires which can heal.

If you want to delve a little deeper into the narrative Drifter Entertainment has created two pseudo websites dedicated to Slumber. The first is a tourist style ‘Visit Slumber, Alaska‘ site with a nice version about its history while the second takes a far darker turn by the Slumber Historical Society.

Lies Beneath

Available now on the Oculus Store for Oculus Quest, retailing for £22.99 GBP, take a look at VRFocus’ initial gameplay video ahead of our review. Lies Beneath will also be coming to Oculus Rift shortly, scheduled to arrive on 14th April. For all the latest Oculus Quest news and reviews, keep reading VRFocus.

Psychic VR Lab: STYLY, NEWVIEW Awards and VR’s Future Potential

Making any sort of virtual reality (VR) content isn’t a simple process, from a piece of art using Tilt Brush or Quill to an actual videogame and all the complicated elements that process involves. It’s why Japanese studio Psychic VR Lab created STYLY, an online, browser-based solution for those creators looking to delve into this immersive space without having to go down the Unity/Unreal Engine route. When VRFocus attended the NEWVIEW Awards 2019 in Tokyo last year it was the perfect time to hear from two of the team looking to expand VR content creation both at home and abroad.

NEWVIEW Awards 2019

STYLY is a platform designed for artistic expression rather than making videogames. Freely available to use online or by downloading the app through Steam (supports Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality), you can start by exploring the thousands of VR spaces already available – like all the recent award winners – before delving into the creative side.

This is easily achieved through a drag and drop system so there’s no need to worry about coding. For those with the skills, STYLY can also be used with 3D software such as MAYA or Blender.

It’s not just VR that Psychic VR Lab is interested in but the whole ecosystem including augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). In 2019 the studio released an AR STYLY app for mobile devices where you can view art pieces by spatial designer “Discont” who won the Parco VR content award at the 2018 NEWVIEW Awards. This is just the beginning as the app will introduce creative tools later this year.

So onto the interviews. First up is Yosh, Creative Director at Psychic VR Lab and the driving force behind many of the studio’s innovative projects including fostering VR designers at Bunka Fashion College and the NEWVIEW Awards. Yosh details how the awards came to be and the progress being made to encourage more people through various workshops and the NEWVIEW School.

For VRFocus’ second interview Psychic VR Lab’s CEO, Masahiro Yamaguchi talks in detail about the STYLY platform itself, what it can do and how he hopes it’ll encourage kids to unlock their imaginations. Yamaguchi has a very forward-thinking philosophy when it comes to immersive media, that it will eventually become ubiquitous in our everyday lives, cities will become digital canvases in ways we can’t even imagine.

As Psychic VR Lab continues to expand its digital vision VRFocus will keep you posted.