Skinetic Haptic Vest Currently Looking for Backers

Haptics are an important technology for both the future of virtual reality, plus the metaverse. In a digital world where realism and a sense of place are key, developers are constantly searching for new ways to envelop our senses into virtual worlds. Launching their Skinetic haptic vest on Kickstarter, is Actronika, who hope to raise $90,000 to finish development of the product.

Haptic vests will allow users to feel aspects of the game world, fully synced up to a VR headset. If you’re playing a shooting game, you’ll feel the thudding impact through the vest; and the same goes for the light pattering of rain or a gusting breeze. For many companies, haptics is the next big technology shift in immersive entertainment.

The Skinetic vest is made from lightweight materials – lycra and EVA foam – and features a total of sixteen HD actuators. The vest features six adjustable straps meaning it’s a ‘one size fits all’. If you want to get your hands on the Skinetic vest, you’ll need to choose the €489 Kickstarter tier. Included in this option you’ll receive:

  • Skinetic Vest
  • Power Supply (24V/150W)
  • USB-C Cable (1m)
  • Inner Mesh

Actronika aim to ship the vest by January 2023. The vest will be compatible with several VR headsets and as it operates as a separate platform, users can add, remove or personalise the haptic feedback per experience.