Musical Builder Patchworld is on the way to Meta Quest 2 This Summer

A VR music app called Patchworld is coming to Meta Quest 2 this summer and it’s shaping up to be an exciting entry into the creative catalogue for the hardware. Created by Egg Ball Games, Patchworld will offer players the ability to create everything from interactive musical experiences, to fully immersive live shows.

Patchworld brings an “unprecedented toolset” within this open-ended world builder. There’s a plethora of interchangeable blocks which “power gesture and interaction”, creating music machines, sound processing and sound effects. When married with the visual side, including animation, players can relax and mess around or create a visual album.

This unique music creation tool sounds a lot like existing within a music video while composing the song around you. Patchworld sounds like a monumental clash of audio and visual, which will allow users to create experiences for VR from inside VR itself.

Working with Patchworld is audiovisual artist MOWUKIS, who says: “PatchWorld is a fascinating experience for audiovisual artists. It’s the limitless options of a traditional patching environment, at a human scale and with a physical interface that allows you to create an entirely interactive audiovisual environment and see it take shape in front of you. Having the possibility to physically interact with your creations in real-time generates an emotional bond with the work you’re creating that is very hard to convey with words.”

Coming this summer to Meta Quest 2, players will have access to:

  • Build and share musical worlds in the metaverse, without any coding, for free 
  • Deep modular framework – start with pre-built worlds or create custom instruments, visuals, and gestural interactions
  • 200+ blocks for endless creative options
  • 3D environment and sound assets to get you started
  • 3D spatial audio and stereo mixing
  • Record loops of your avatar performing in 3D space to become a full band
  • Connect your virtual world with your usual setup using MIDI and OSC.