It’s all About the Power Metal as Ragnarock to Release Gloryhammer DLC

Ragnarock has become one of gmw3’s favourite rhythm action videogames for virtual reality (VR) headsets, thanks to its simple yet infectious gameplay. Today, developer WanadevStudio has announced that the first DLC for Ragnarock is due to arrive tomorrow, dedicated to iconic power metal band Gloryhammer.


Called Gloryhammer RAID the DLC will comprise six songs from the band’s repertoire. These are Gloryhammer, Questlords of Inverness, The Land of Unicorns, The Rise of the Chaos Wizards, The Siege of Dunkeld, and the epic 10-minute long The Fires of Ancient Cosmic Destiny. Additionally, there’s a new hammer to unlock by completing all these tracks, the Hammer of Glory.

The DLC is set to launch on Thursday 17th March priced at $5.99 USD across all supported platforms – SteamVR, Viveport and Meta Quest. That’s not all the studio has in store for 2022 as more RAID DLC’s with new music, environments or collectables are on their way, plus a regular contingent of free songs as well.

Ragnarock is also set to receive new gameplay modes and customisation options, although nothing has been detailed just yet. Competitive seasons are planned and most importantly of all, a PlayStation VR port is in the works.


Themed around Vikings and rock/metal tracks, Ragnarock puts you in the driving seat of a Viking longboat, inspiring your crew to row with a few well-timed beats. In single-player, you can set your own high scores and then try to beat them rowing against your ghost. Or step into the multiplayer and challenge 5 other players.

Reviewing Ragnarock gmw3 said: “Ragnarock impressed before and now that the official PC VR launch has taken place Ragnarock has got even better, finessing what was already an enjoyable experience. The same essence is still there but now there are more tracks, a few extras like new hammers to unlock, and some cool new levels to look at.”

As further updates for Ragnarock are released, gmw3 will keep you updated.