Launch Date Confirmed for Meta Quest Exclusive The Tale of Onogoro

Japanese virtual reality (VR) developer Amata K.K. only revealed its next project, The Tale of Onogoro, last month and now the immersive adventure is just weeks away from launch. The team has confirmed that the Meta Quest exclusive will be available in mid-March.

The Tale of Onogoro

From the same team behind escape room title Last Labyrinth, The Tale of Onogoro is a fantasy world filled with traditional Japanese culture and steampunk elements. Similar to Taisho-era Japan, Amata K.K. has combined this with the invention of the steam engine as well as ancient magic called Ki.

The storyline sees you partner up with a high priestess named Haru, helping her battle giant creatures called “Kami” who go on deadly rampages. You have to quell five of these beasts on the sacred floating island, Onogoro Island, whilst locating the man behind their appearances, an ex-priest and friend of Haru’s, Masatake Arakida.

The Tale of Onogoro is going to mix together plenty of action elements when fighting the Kami, having to protect Haru who’s chained to a quelling stone that you have to manoeuvre. As a ghost-like character, you interact with Haru’s world using ancient relics called Celestial Weapons. These give you the ability to solve puzzles (of which there seem to be many), fight the Kami and make sure Haru doesn’t perish.

The Tale of Onogoro

If Last Labyrinth is anything to go by, The Tale of Onogoro will likely include some fiendish puzzles and a fairly abstract narrative to discover along the way.

The Tale of Onogoro will release for Meta Quest on 17th March 2022, retailing for $29.99 USD. For continued updates on the latest Quest 2 videogames, keep reading VRFocus.