Become a sea Monster in Devolver Digital’s Latest VR Game

Devolver Digital is well known for its outlandish videogames, both in and out of virtual reality (VR) with titles like Gorn and Serious Sam VR. This week sees the publisher unveil the first details for a monstrous experience currently being built by indie developer Firepunchd; Tentacular VR.

Only a few teasing video shorts have been released on Twitter so far, showcasing a quaint little seaside town nestled on the island of Lakalma, full of pint-sized inhabitants. With a David Attenborough-esque narration, the short trailer introduces what the townsfolk like to call “The Monster”. Which is where you come in.

Giant tentacles rise from the water and stuck to them are boats, shipping containers and other debris. From the looks of it, you’ve got full motion control over your tentacle arms but for what reason? Well, Firepunchd has a couple more teasing gameplay videos showcasing what looks to be a VR building experience of sorts. It’s unclear if Tentacular VR is about helping the community with your giant arms or causing chaos, as another video shows the player smashing stuff up.

More details are due to be released during the course of the week. As yet, there’s been no indication regarding what platforms Tentacular VR will support or when it might be arriving.

This will be the first VR title from Firepunchd aka Simon Cubasch, who has previously created mobile and PC games including Chicken Jump, Cool Cubes, Killscreen and Ridiculous Glitching.

As Firepunchd and Devolver Digital release further details for Tentacular VR, gmw3 will keep you updated.