AR Startup AstroReality Discuss Merging the Physical and the Digital

During CES 2019 earlier this month, featuring quite the collection of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology, VRFocus spoke with AR startup AstroReality about the last 12 months since we last met the company.

AstroReality - Mars ProFor the tech show, AstroReality had three announcements to make. The first was for EARTH, a highly detailed model of our planet which can then be brought to life via the company’s AR app and saw a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018. With voice functionality, users can ask questions to learn about the planet. Users will also find that the interactive experience covers various topics, from basic geographic information such as landmarks, latitude and longitude, time zones, and regions, to being able to see the Earth via heatmaps, cloud atlases, point maps, texture maps, and more.

Following the initial success of EARTH AstroReality will be making a MARS Pro version which is due for release during 2019. This will have similar features to the EARTH model, with a highly detailed physical model, and plenty of interactive elements showcasing well-known missions to Mars.

The other product AstroReality had on show was something slightly different, an AR mug. Called the AstroReality Space Mug (A.S.M.), the company states that it isn’t a coffee cup, rather a new way to enjoy breathtaking views from 120km above the earth with curated images from NASA and USGS.

“The Space Mug is not only ground-breaking Augmented Reality technology but the perfect addition to any and every tech-savvy futurist’s morning. This all-new interactive experience brought out by the AstroReality app will blow people’s mind,” said – Joanne Dai, Co-founder of AstroReality.

AstroReality - Space Mug

VRFocus caught up with Dai to find out more about these new announcements and how AstroReality was pushing the forefront of education via its AR technology. That’s not all, as we also managed to nab an interview with AstroReality’s new  Science Advisor Dr. J.R. Skok, whose job it is to find all the relevant information that goes into the app for users to read and learn.

Check out both interviews below to find out more about AstroReality and what the company is up to. When Mars Pro and A.S.M. become available VRFocus will let you know.