Switch side are you on? VRTV Becomes the Boss on Nemesis Perspective

Videogames are littered with epic boss battles that challenge players skills to the max, but they’re always AI controlled. What would happen if that boss was controlled by a friend instead? Well that’s the idea behind Evocat Games’ HTC Vive title Nemesis Perspective, and VRTV’s reporter Nina has given her verdict in today’s video.

The premise is simple, the player who dons the headset becomes the all powerful boss, a gigantic purple creature with massive hands to slay would be attackers. While a second player controls the small agile attacker using a gamepad and screen. There’s also a single-player mode where the hero is controlled by via AI.

Checkout the video below to see what Nina thinks of the experience, and come back next week for another VRFocus video.