VR Fighter Nemesis Realms is Leaving Steam Early Access

Independent developer, Evocat Games, has released their virtual virtual (VR) title Nemesis Realms on Steam after a successful time in Early Access on the platform.

The sequel to the award-winning Nemesis Perspective, this new title is a local multiplayer experience that puts a team of heroes playing on a PC, against a big boss who is controlled by another player in VR on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality (MR). With support for up to five players in total, one of whom is the big boss, the title is taking the concept of party games and mixing it up in an exciting new way to support the technology of today.

Nemesis Realms is releasing with three stages that each feature a unique gameplay mechanic and will test the players ability to form the ultimate team and take down the boss. With diverse environments and power-ups to swing the battle in the favour of the heroes, players will have to make use of everything they have in order to overpower the boss that challenges them.

Nemesis Realms screenshot 1

Nemesis Realms brings out the multiplayer party side of the seemingly isolated VR experience,” said Leevi Pääkkönen, CEO of Evocat Games. “Coming out of Early Access the game is more optimized and polished, and gives players an additional action-packed stage. Based on community feedback during Early Access we’ve also added in a pool of custom variables and power-ups so players can scale the scope and length of their battles the way they want.”

The asymmetrical design of Nemesis Realms means that players will find lots of opportunities to create memorable moments as they play. Be it on the team of the heroes or as the big boss in VR, the chance to do something that will make the group laugh, cheer or react in a big way will be one of the main reasons to keep playing.

Founded back in 2017, Evocat Games is a Finnish independent startup studio pioneering in asymmetric VR multiplayer games. After the success of their debut title, Nemesis Perspective, the team hopes for the same success with this new title  Nemesis Realms.

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Become the Boss as Nemesis Realms Beats its Way onto Steam Early Access

Remember Nemesis Perspective? It was the first virtual reality (VR) title by Evocat Games, launched back in December 2016 for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift where you and a mate could fight it out, one as the hero and one as the boss. Well today the studio has released the sequel, Nemesis Realms, expanding upon that initial idea with new features.

While Nemesis Perspective only featured two-player, Nemesis Realms can now be played with up to five players, one as the boss with the other four as the heroes. Launched in Steam Early access, the full experience will feature three different bosses to choose from, along with corresponding heroes and maps. In its current form Nemesis Realms features two bosses to play as/fight against, a multi-headed dragon spewing fire or an arcane entity – similar to the first game’s boss – wielding the power to tear down worlds.

Evocat Games does note on its Steam page for the full version of Nemesis Realms that:“We are going to add one more boss, hero and map to the game. The third and final arcane boss. Alongside that, we will be focusing on balancing the game and polishing current features based on your feedback.” Adding: “we will be releasing the game on early Q2 2018.”

Nemesis Realms is available now through Steam Early Access for £7.19 GBP, compatible with the following head-mounted displays (HMDs): Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality.

As an added bonus for those early adopters who helped suppport Nemesis Perspective, Nemesis Realms will be completely free. As Evocat Games continue to improve and expand upon Nemesis Realms, VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest announcements.

VR Fighter Nemesis Realms Launches on Steam Early Access This Month

Fighting videogames haven’t quite managed to penetrate virtual reality (VR) yet. Traditional fighters aren’t necessarily suited for VR, as we saw with Tekken 7’s somewhat lacklustre VR support last year. Despite that, it hasn’t stopped developers Evocat Games from attempting something brand new in the fighting genre; an asymmetrical party fighter built for VR first.

Nemesis Realms can be played with up to 5 people, with one being a giant boss monster in the centre of the stage, with four smaller heroes working to chip away at its health. Using regular controllers, the four heroes team up on the single boss monster who will be playing with a VR head-mounted display (HMD), using motion controls to swipe at the surrounding heroes.

“We’re excited to bring this game to Early Access. It really is an incredibly fun party game where friends get to team up to destroy the mighty boss – who in turn gets to experience the onslaught in VR!” said Sami Koivisto, CEO of Evocat Games. “As an added bonus, we will be offering Nemesis Perspective as free-to-play when Nemesis Realms launches so that everyone can easily jump in and enjoy the truly unique style of this VR game.”

Nemesis Realms is coming to Steam Early Access this month on January 22nd, and will be compatible with a range of HMDs, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality devices.

There will be two stages at launch with more heroes and stages planned in the future. Right now it’s very interesting, and one of the few good examples of a VR party game that everyone can get involved in, as long as no one is too drunk to strap on a HMD.

Nemesis Realms has a brand new trailer too, which you can watch below – it’s a 360 YouTube video, so fullscreen it and click and drag the mouse cursor around the screen to see the full stage and all of the action.

The idea of a competitive fighter in VR is interesting, though this a pretty big departure from the traditional genre. Regardless, we can’t wait to see more. For everything on VR and videogames, keep reading VRFocus.

Evocat Games Announce Nemesis Perspective Sequel Nemesis Realms

Last December Evocat Games released its unique PvP combat title Nemesis Perspective for HTC Vive, where the virtual reality (VR) player controls a boss character while the hero is controlled by a second player on a monitor. In August the team brought the title to Oculus Rift and this month they’ve announced work on its sequel, Nemesis Realms.

Nemesis Realms takes the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessor – big boss fights between mates – and cranks it up a notch. The title adds two brand new worlds with their own unique mechanics and quirks. Additionally, now up to four players will be able to fight it out.

Nemesis Realms screenshot 2

The videogame is scheduled to launch during spring 2018 to Oculus Store and Steam, with other possible platform releases following at a later date.

As Evocat Games releases further details on Nemesis Realms VRFocus will let you know.

Switch side are you on? VRTV Becomes the Boss on Nemesis Perspective

Videogames are littered with epic boss battles that challenge players skills to the max, but they’re always AI controlled. What would happen if that boss was controlled by a friend instead? Well that’s the idea behind Evocat Games’ HTC Vive title Nemesis Perspective, and VRTV’s reporter Nina has given her verdict in today’s video.

The premise is simple, the player who dons the headset becomes the all powerful boss, a gigantic purple creature with massive hands to slay would be attackers. While a second player controls the small agile attacker using a gamepad and screen. There’s also a single-player mode where the hero is controlled by via AI.

Checkout the video below to see what Nina thinks of the experience, and come back next week for another VRFocus video.