Meta Quest is Becoming Even More Fitness Friendly in Latest Update

Fitness has become a huge part of the Meta Quest experience, whether that’s a casual rhythm videogame or a far more serious, workout-focused app. Keeping track of everything since 2020 is Oculus Move, giving you basic in-headset stats such as Move minutes and estimated calories burnt. Now the Move app is getting an upgrade, adding new features such as phone and Apple Heath integration.

Oculus Move

With Apple hosting its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) yesterday, announcing new health features for its watch and iPhone platforms, Meta’s has got in on the action by giving users the option to sync their stats with Apple Health. Whether you’re working out in virtual reality (VR) or not, you’ll be able to sync everything together, automatically tracking those fitness routines on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

How to set up Move with Apple Health

  • “Connect Move with the Oculus mobile app,” (see below).
  • “Tap on the “Connected Apps” tab at the top.”
  • “Tap on the toggle next to “Apple Health” to enable syncing. You need to provide permissions for both “Active Energy” and “Workouts” to fully enable this feature.”

For non-Apple users, the Oculus Move app has become easier to use as it now integrates with the mobile app, a feature Meta previously revealed back in March 2022. So you can now see all your stats without having to jump into VR all the time.

Oculus Move

How to set up Move on the Oculus App

  • “From the Move app in VR, tap on Settings in the bottom right corner.”
  • “Scroll down to “Connect Move to Oculus Mobile App” and toggle the switch on.”
  • “Your Move stats, including information like Move minutes, calories burned, and goals, will be encrypted and stored on our servers so you can track your fitness progress from the Oculus mobile app.”
  • “You can disconnect your Move stats from the Oculus mobile app at any time by going to your Move settings, and toggling the switch off for “Connect Move to Oculus Mobile App” while in-headset.”

When it comes to fitness on Meta Quest you’ve got plenty of software and hardware accessory options to pick from. Join up with monthly subscription workout apps like Supernatural and FitXR, or grab controller grips and new silicone facial interface covers to wipe the sweat away.

All these features have now begun to roll out, so you may not see them appear right away. For continued updates for Meta Quest, keep reading gmw3.