Apex Construct Creator Drops PlayStation VR2 Tease

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) still hasn’t put virtual reality (VR) gamers out of their misery and revealed a launch date for PlayStation VR2 but that hasn’t stopped developers from dropping teasing support. The latest comes from Fast Travel Games, the studio behind futuristic bow shooter Apex Construct.

The VR studio left a less than subtle hint about its intentions to develop projects for PlayStation VR2 over on Twitter. While there was no mention of what videogames it might be planning – could it be a new IP or maybe Apex Construct 2? – there was one additional teasing bit of info, a hashtag saying “more than one”.

So by the sound of it, Fast Travel Games is currently working on at least two VR titles for PlayStation VR2; which is exciting. This adds to a steadily growing list of videogames confirmed for the upcoming headset. These include Medieval Dynasty, Pavlov Shack by Vankrupt Games, Maze Theory’s Engram, anime-inspired Runner, an unannounced one from Coatsink; and, of course, Horizon Call of the Mountain.

As well as Apex Construct, Fast Travel Games has also released The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets and Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife, both in-house developed titles, whilst its new publishing arm has released both Virtuoso and Cities VR.

PlayStation VR2

The long-awaited follow up to SIE’s first VR headset released in 2016, the PlayStation VR2 is expected to offer a sizable leap over its predecessor. It’ll house a 4k HDR display, a 110-degree field of view (FoV), headset haptics, eye tracking (for foveated rendering), inside-out tracking, a new vent design, IPD adjustment, new controllers, and a simpler set-up with a single cable going to the PlayStation 5.

Fast Travel Games’ timing is interesting as it comes just a few weeks ahead of what would’ve been E3 2022. The annual videogame extravaganza has been completely cancelled this year but that hasn’t stopped companies from preparing their usual press events. Maybe they’ll be sharing more regarding the VR project around then? If that happens then gmw3 will keep you updated.