Venture Into The Twilight Zone This July on Meta Quest 2

Towards the end of 2021 virtual reality (VR) publisher Fun Train (The Exorcist: Legion VR, Tarzan VR) announced plans for a VR version of the infamous TV show The Twilight Zone. Just as with previous projects it would be episodic, supporting both Meta Quest and PlayStation VR. Today, the publisher has announced that The Twilight Zone VR is now scheduled for a Quest 2 launch in July.

The Twilight Zone VR will be split into three episodes, all arriving together for July’s launch. Being developed by UK-based Pocket Money Games – the same team working on SIN (Safety in Numbers) and who ported Superhot to Meta Quest – each instalment will feature its own story that’ll: “span multiple genres ranging from technological horror to apocalyptic science fiction.”

The Twilight Zone VR episodes

  • Character Building: “A video game director discovers that workplace cruelty is a dangerous game.”
  • Terror Firma: “After an environmental apocalypse, one survivor must face mysterious phantoms as he searches the city ruins for a glimmer of Hope.”
  • Deadline Earth: “The clock is ticking for a science fiction writer who finds himself captive on an insidious alien vessel.”

“Whether you’re a horror fan, a sci-fi fan or simply love a good mystery, we have something in this game for you,” said Douglas Nabors, Fun Train CEO in a statement. “It was important for us to design each of these individual stories with as much variety as possible while also staying true to the heart of the show! We can’t wait to watch players experience this anthology of science fiction adventures firsthand. The worlds that the development team has built to achieve this vision are nothing short of surreal.”

Twilight Zone VR

“With Meta’s support we were able to utilize Asynchronous Space Warp (ASW) at a very early stage which has allowed us to push the graphical and performance boundaries of what is possible on Quest 2,” adds Frankie Cavanagh of Pocket Money Games. “Everything from subliminal messaging to haptic vests have been integrated into this game.”

The Twilight Zone VR is scheduled to arrive for Meta Quest 2 on 14th July 2022. There’s no mention of PlayStation VR today, with The Twilight Zone VR Twitter account saying: “Just Quest 2 for now, but that doesn’t mean never for other platforms!”

As further updates are revealed gmw3 will keep you updated.