Workout for Free With Liteboxer VR’s Curated Fitness Offer

Plenty of virtual reality (VR) fitness apps like FitXR and Supernatural have gone down the gym route of charging a monthly subscription rather than a singular one-off price like most videogames. Liteboxer VR also chose this path when it launched in March, receiving a far more negative response from the community than rivals. So Liteboxer VR has now released a free subscription model allowing access to some, but not all features.

Liteboxer VR

Going that step further than the limited 7-day trials other VR fitness apps offer, Liteboxer VR’s free subscription service grants users access to a curated selection of 65 workouts and music. You can continue using that service indefinitely or pay for the premium subscription; offering over 300 workouts, new content released daily and tracks thanks to a partnership with Universal Music.

“VR fitness is what’s next for connected fitness and at-home workouts. We’re seeing sales spike since a Meta Quest is more affordable to purchase compared to a Peloton, Hydrow, Mirror – even Liteboxer,” said Jeff Morin, CEO of Liteboxer. “This was a huge driving factor for launching the free subscription model. We want to democratize working out for all and we believe working out in the Metaverse is the next big thing.”

In addition to the free subscription, Liteboxer VR has rolled out several new features. “Mitt Drills” give you a real-life trainer for the entirety of the workout, rather than voice-overs or trainer cameos. “Challenges” are head-to-head matches where other players try to beat your score. And then there are the hand tracking 2.0 improvements which Meta recently announced – Liteboxer getting to test the features early – so that players can use weights to make their workout more intense.

Liteboxer VR

These additions should help Liteboxer VR because as gmw3 said in its review: “Liteboxer VR is a slick set-up, for what it is, and leads the way in hand tracked workouts. Punching away – sans controllers – to some catchy tunes was fun, no doubt about it, and I wish more VR fitness apps used hand tracking. However, it’s hard to see the value in paying that amount of money per month for what’s essentially a digital punching wall.”

You can download the free basic version of the Liteboxer VR app for Meta Quest 1 & 2 today. For continued updates on the latest VR fitness apps, keep reading gmw3.