Oculus Rift Classic Lucky’s Tale now Available for PlayStation VR

Playful Corp’s plucky little fox Lucky was virtual reality’s (VR) original mascot when Lucky’s Tale launched alongside the Oculus Rift in 2016, proving that third-person videogames do have a place in VR. Today, six years after the initial release Lucky’s Tale is now available for PlayStation VR.

Lucky's Tale

This isn’t quite the same version from 2016 though, with the 2022 PlayStation VR edition getting some modern enhancements. Featuring the new Lucky character model from New Super Lucky’s Tale, the PSVR version has been ported from Playful Corp’s remaster that arrived for Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR a few months back.

So what else does the remaster include? Well, the team has Lucky’s Tale a fresh coat of paint, focusing on updating the visuals and audio. PlayStation VR players will still be able to run, jump, climb, and spin their way through this colourful landscape as they fight to save Lucky’s friend Piggy from the monstrously tentacled Glorp.

Players will encounter Glorp’s minions along the way, utilising that tale for maximum damage. Lucky’s Tale isn’t just about fighting bad guys, players will also have to keep an eye out for all the hidden secrets littered throughout the game, tucked away in every corner.

Lucky's Tale

In our 2016 review of Lucky’s Tale gmw3 said: “The titular fox’s moveset and control system is clearly borrowed from Super Mario 64, while the coloured coin hunt is reminiscent of Super Mario World‘s red coins…Is this an issue? Well, no. If you’re going to create a videogame that adheres strictly to established genre formulae, why not follow the example of the most celebrated examples? It’s familiar and comfortable.”

Lucky’s Tale is available now for PlayStation VR retailing for $19.99 USD. For further updates on the latest PSVR titles, keep reading gmw3.