The Under Presents’ Live Performers To Return Tomorrow

There might be lots of talk about the metaverse at the moment but one company that’s been walking its own path between the real and virtual is Tender Claws with its theatrical app The Under Presents. Originally having live actors play some of the character roles for a limited time, the studio has confirmed they’ll be returning this Friday.

The Under Presents: Tempest

While videogames like Dr. Crumb’s School for Disobedient Pets have utilised live performers to engage with players, Tender Claws’ The Under Presents was the first to offer this kind of experience to the public. If you missed it the first time around now there’s a chance to immerse yourself in live VR theatre, whilst those that did get to experience performances such as The Under Presents: Tempest will be able to enjoy new stories and mini-events.

Just like before, The Under Presents won’t be filled with live actors all the time, blending pre-recorded performances with live roving actors appearing from time to time. This means you can have a different experience each time you visit, enjoyed either in single-player or with the option to connect remotely with other players.

For this new run, many of The Under Presents’ original cast members return including Brandon Bales, Michael Bates, Karlie Blair, Sophie Cooper, James Cowan, Whitton Frank, Genevieve Flati, Stephanie Hyden, and many more.

The Under Presents

The Under Presents started out as a rather surreal virtual theatre where you could meet these actors or players in one large hub area before beginning a solo campaign called Timeboat! This narrative piece is set on The Aickman, a doomed research vessel trapped in Arctic ice. Using time manipulation players have to save the characters and unravel the mysteries of the ship. This was expanded upon with The Under Presents: Tempest, a multiplayer performance of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

In addition to the live actors returning, Tender Claws has announced a new merch store for those that love a bit of official swag.

Step into The Under Presents from 1st April to encounter the performers for a limited time – Tender Claws hasn’t indicated how long this will be. For further updates on the latest innovative use cases of VR, keep reading gmw3.