The VR Drop: Creative Kaiju Await

It’s the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this week which usually means new VR titles being announced or updates to the ones we’re all looking forward to. If you’re impatient and want new videogames right now then here are a few landing over the course of this week.

Tomorrow Ends

Tomorrow Ends – Kadanss Games

Ok, so this one landed over the weekend but so what, it looks worth a pop. A VR title that looks like it may have taken a small amount of inspiration from Majora’s Mask, Tomorrow Ends is an Oculus App Lab videogame – so its not finished yet – where a small town is three hours away from being destroyed (by the sun/moon?) so it’s up to you to investigate, speak to folk and find out where a magical book that kept the place save has gone.

Shadow Point – Coatsink

One of the original launch titles for Oculus Quest – as it was known – Coatsink’s Shadow Point is a puzzle adventure finally making its way to PlayStation VR. Featuring none other than Sir Patrick Stewart narrating – hopefully, you know who this acting legend is – Shadow Point features 80+ mind-bending puzzles that require gravity manipulation, playing with light and shadows, peering into alternate realities and more. All compatible with PlayStation Move.

  • Supported platform(s): PlayStation VR
  • Launch date: 22nd March
Shadow Point

On The Morning You Wake – Novelab, Atlas V

This isn’t a videogame, rather an immersive documentary based on an event that took place in 2018 and the chaos that ensued during 38 minutes of nuclear terror. Created and produced by Atlas V, Archer’s Mark, Meta, and ARTE France, On The Morning You wake (to the End of the World) charts 18th January when every inhabitant of Hawaii received a nuclear warning threat. It was human error but what happens when you’re confronted with a very real and urgent threat?

Vermillion – Thomas van den Berge

For all you artists out there, Vermillion is an oil-based pro painting simulator that first appeared on Steam last year and will now come to Meta Quest. Mixing real painting mechanics with the benefits of digital tools, Vermillion features realistic wet-on-wet colour mixing as well as the ability to undo mistakes, paint in layers or pull up a YouTube video to help guide you. It also includes passthrough and virtual environments depending on how realistic you want your painting session to be.


Tentacular – Firepunchd

Time for the most outrageous VR videogame on this list, where you get to play a giant (friendly) aquatic monster, using your tentacles to help the local townsfolk out. Tentacular is a building-based puzzler where you use those massive tentacle arms to build structures and contraptions that the inhabitants of La Kalma need. Or in your downtime, there’s also the sandbox mode to get creative.