Start Quill’s Next Chapter When Moss: Book II Arrives in March

Polyarc’s Moss: Book II was one of the few virtual reality (VR) videogames to make gmw3’s “Most Anticipated for 2022” list, continuing the tale of Quill and her fight against an evil menace. Today, the team has announced that the PlayStation VR exclusive is due to launch in a couple of weeks.

Moss Book II

Since teasing Moss: Book II last summer Polyarc has revealed that the sequel will continue the story of Quill who saved her uncle Argus in the previous game, and now faces a new winged tyrant as well as other beasties. New foes mean new features with Quill able to utilise new special abilities and equipment.

One of these is the new hammer, a massive piece of equipment that Quill can only just wield. In new footage shown during a press briefing, Quill can use the hammer to smash boxes and lightly armoured enemies. Or, to help solve puzzles at specific locations or to break apart very well armoured foes, the player can also join in and smash the hammer down with greater force.

Another previously shown mechanic that gmw3 got to see more of was the nature attunement ability. This allows you to grab specific areas of the environment and stretch out a vine, opening up new pathways for Quill. It’s another part of Polyarc’s efforts to immerse players in the Moss world, rather than merely looking on they can influence it as well.

Moss Book II

Polyarc has also confirmed that there are going to be more of the big set pieces like the final fight from the first instalment. So expect to encounter more bosses on Quill’s next adventure. No creatures have been unveiled but a teasing colossal hammer did make an appearance.

In addition to the videogame, the studio has also teamed up with artist Kyle Sauter to created a limited edition 11”x17”, 4-color screen printed poster that can be found on Amazon for $25 USD. “For this poster I wanted to capture a moment of action frozen in time,” said Sauter. “Quill leaps into battle as a swarm of Arcane enemies close in.”

Moss: Book II is scheduled to arrive for PlayStation VR on 31st March 2022. For further updates keep reading gmw3.