Sony Offers First Glimpse of PlayStation VR2

Been eager to see what PlayStation VR2 looks like ever since Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) confirmed the device last year (of course you have)? Well, today’s the day as we get a first peek at the headset and the controllers in a very fetching two-tone design.

PlayStation VR2

Instantly noticeable is the fact that PlayStation VR2’s design has been kept in keeping with PlayStation 5, with a striking white and black aesthetic – there are even the tiny PlayStation symbols on the front and back bands. SIE has kept a similar feel to the original PlayStation VR, with those holders for the earphones and the halo band that should ensure a comfortable experience for players.

In fact, when it comes to comfort there’s a lens adjustment dial to fine-tune the lenses to their eyes and a new vent design that should keep you cool during longer gameplay sessions.

On the PlayStation Blog, Yujin Morisawa, Senior Art Director, SIE, goes into further depth regarding the vent system: “When I started to work on the design for the PlayStation VR2 headset, one of the areas I wanted to focus on first was the idea of creating a vent in the headset to let air out, similar to the vents on the PS5 console that allows airflow. Our engineers came up with this idea as a good way to allow ventilation and avoid having the lens fog up while players are immersed in their VR games. I worked on many design concepts to achieve this, and in the final design, you can see there is a little space in between the top and front surface of the scope that contains the integrated ventilation. I am really proud of how this turned out and the positive feedback I have gotten so far. I hope our PlayStation fans will also agree, and I can’t wait for them to try it out.”

PlayStation VR2

SIE revealed the specifications ( and official name) of PlayStation VR2 back in January during CES. The headset features a 4k resolution, a 110-degree field of view (FoV), headset haptics, eye tracking and inside-out tracking. And those tracking cameras can be seen for the first time, slightly angled outwards to provide a wide tracking area.

While it’s great to see the headset for the first time, SIE hasn’t confirmed if PlayStation VR2 will arrive later this year or be pushed into 2023. Recently, eye-tracking specialist Tobii said it was still negotiating with Sony regarding the supply of its tech, indicating the launch may still be a way away. Today’s reveal hints that might not be the case. For continued updates keep reading gmw3.