E3 2019 Interview: Feeling the Beat With Sensorium & RedPill VR

When it comes to making an impression at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles you need to go big. The South Hall tends to be a mixture of small booths and then massive ones, with Bethesda, Ubisoft and Epic Games’ Fortnight all taking up huge chunks of the floor. So it was quite a surprise that none of these made anywhere near as much noise as the RedPill VR/Sensorium Corp booth, for their upcoming social virtual reality (SVR) music platform. VRFocus managed to grab Sensorium’s Ingvar Goldman to find out more.

Redpill VR

Currently, only in a prototype stage, the SVR platform is a sort of virtual club, where you can hang out with friends, watch live shows, and interact with all manner of virtual objects. At E3 the stand had a live DJ on one side, playing in VR whilst wearing an HTC Vive Pro. Visitors were then able to step inside SVR and walk (teleport) around the environment, heading to the dance floor, watching from the DJ booth of then exploring the environment further.

Exploration then yields lots of hidden orbs to play with, creating different lighting effects, giant balls which bounce and pulsate or for the more adventurous there were structures which look like climbing frames, so you could clamber up to get scenic views of the event.

The whole purpose of the technology RedPill VR and Sensorium Corporation has developed is to make virtual live events both a natural place to spend time and enjoy concerts whilst at the same time provide unique experiences which only VR is capable of doing. So you’ll be able to watch world-famous artists perform in fantasy venues as well as real ones like Barclays Center, Webster Hall, NYCB LIVE and Paramount Theatre.

Redpill VR

Live events and especially ones involving music are being tapped for their VR potential. In the video, Goldman discusses how the companies aim to make the platform unique to draw VR consumers in, and how development is progressing as the launch is scheduled to take place in 2020.

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