No Man’s Sky Survey Player Support For VR Port

The journey of No Man’s Sky has been one of ups and downs. The initial promotional hype and the promises that the players said the developers made not being fulfilled led to disappointment upon the initial launch. Since then, its content updates and tweaks have drawn a positive response from those who stuck with it. Developer Hello Games aimed to gauge the future of No Man’s Sky with a player feedback survey.

The player feedback survey asks what players would like to see in future update and patches. Along with questions involving various aspects of the gameplay, there are other options available for users to make their opinions heard on.

No Man's Sky screenshot

The survey includes questions on whether bigger multiplayer lobbies should be added, how underwater exploration could be improved, what new planet types could be added. Also tucked away is the option ‘VR Support’.

Many players and analysts believe that since No Man’s Sky is already a first-person exploration experience, virtual reality (VR) would be a natural next step, allowing players to fly spaceships and navigate around the various planetary environments in 360-degrees.

Multiplayer, along with a number of other improvements and new features were introduced in July 2018 as part of the No Man’s Sky NEXT update. There have been repeated rumours of VR support being introduced to the title, with even Hello Games’ Sean Murray commenting that No Man’s Sky was a ‘Really good fit’ for VR.

No Man’s Sky is primarily a PC-based title, so if the title was to head to VR, it would likely be on a PC VR platform, such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality.

No Man's Sky screenshot

The player survey appears to be mostly for the benefit of the developers and marketing personnel at Hello Games, so it is unknown if the survey results will be release, or what will happen with the gathered information.

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