Buy VR Games for Under £1 in Green Man Gaming’s Latest Sale

We all love a good virtual reality (VR) sale every now and then, whether that’s Steam doing a big seasonal giveaway or Humble Bundle doing some insane collection. The latest comes from Green Man Gaming which is running a special VR Sale until this Friday, 13th May.

AliceVR_Screen (2)

It’s a fairly sizable sale by the looks of it, with 64 videogames discounted as well as seven DLC packs. What’s surprising is some of the hefty discounts Green Man Gaming has applied, meaning some titles cost mere pence. The cheapest is Relaxing VR Games: Mahjong at only 36p! Gmw3 isn’t sure it has ever seen a title that close to almost being free. Slightly more well known is Alice VR (2016) at only 70p.

So what about the really big VR games you might be wondering, well those are discounted to. The new time-travelling adventure Wanderer has a 30% saving (down to £21.69 GBP) whilst VR classic The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR has a whopping 72% knocked off (down to £11.22). Superhot VR is 58% cheaper (down to a bargain £8.30), Electronauts is only £3.10 (80% off) and The Walking Dead Onslaught comes in at a suspiciously numbered £6.66 (72% off).

Quite the selection, with most of the deals being for PC VR games on Steam. Although there was the occasional instance like Arizona Sunshine where you can buy for either Steam or the Oculus Store, so double-check each purchase.

Superhot VR

Here are some other titles that caught gmw3’s eye in Green Man Gaming’s sale which ends in a couple of days:

  • Battlewake – £4.76 (80%)
  • Fallout 4 VR – £10.20 (74%)
  • Raw Data – £6.00 (80%)
  • After the Fall – £23.99 (20%)
  • Borderlands 2 VR – £17.00 (57%)
  • Blair Witch VR – £15.46 (35%)
  • Unplugged – £15.99 (20%)

For continued updates on all the latest VR deals, keep reading gmw3.