Nintendo Labo VR Was Secretly Revealed In the First Wave Of Labo Kits

Here’s a fun little VR easter egg courtesy of Nintendo. The company’s Labo VR kit was only released a few months ago, but it was actually confirmed back in the very first Labo trailer back in January 2018.

Nintendo Labo Director Tsubasa Sakaguchi revealed as much in an official video last week. Labo is a set of make-it-yourself cardboard peripherals that allow you to play new games. Talking about the kit’s origins, Sakaguchi noted that Nintendo was already doing “basic VR research” when he brought Labo to the table. In fact, he already knew he wanted Labo VR to be a part of the line-up.

Don’t believe him? He has proof. Go back and watch the first Labo announcement trailer below. Notice anything at the 1:58 mark? Yep, that’s none other than Labo VR’s infamous bird-shaped peripheral. You hold the kit on either side, with the VR headset slotted into the back. Everything else you see in the trailer was released as part of the first wave of Labo VR kits. We guess everyone just forgot about this little guy.

It’s a pretty funny easter egg. Well, funnier than Oculus’ idea to accidentally ship Touch controllers with “Big Brother is watching,” printed inside. It’s especially weird given that, at the time, Nintendo was Labo wasn’t an answer to VR. But it was in fact very much an answer to VR.

Elsewhere in Labo VR world, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker just got support for the headset. Sadly, we also know if you’re picking up the new Switch Lite next month you won’t be able to play Labo VR with it.

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