Blood & Truth Dev Sony London Hiring For Next PSVR Game

Sony London, the studio behind Blood & Truth, is staffing up for its next VR game.

The PlayStation-owned developer released its blockbuster PSVR exclusive shooter in late May. Just over a month on, though, and tweets from the team confirm that it’s working on its next VR title. The studio is looking to hire gameplay and AI programmers as well as network and core systems engineers for the project. There aren’t any other details to share right now and there probably won’t be for some time.

PSVR 2 Hopes

We immediately have to wonder if this new project will appear on the original PSVR or its unannounced successor. Sony is thought to be launching its next PlayStation in 2020, so it seems likely Sony London’s next game would arrive on that console. The kit will support the original PSVR, but we’re also expecting a fully upgraded headset to be released for it. Could Sony London be working on one of the first PSVR 2 games?

We certainly hope so. Blood & Truth is one of the most polished and all-out immersive experiences you can have inside a VR headset right now. We gave it 8.5/10 in our review.

“Despite the sometimes frustrating movement system and occasional pacing issues, Blood & Truth is a tour de force for PSVR,” we wrote. “Sony’s London Studio should be proud of what they’ve accomplished here by turning the brief London Heist demo from PlayStation VR Worlds into a fully-fledged narrative that features some of the best performances we’ve seen in VR yet.”

So that begs the question – will we get a sequel? Or is Sony London instead looking to follow-up on the success of PlayStation VR Worlds with another collection of experiences? Or does it have something entirely new in the works? We can’t wait to find out.

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