Wands Holiday Update Adds HUD & Some Festive Events

Cortopia Studios has brought its magical multiplayer Wands to just about every head-mounted display (HMD) out there, ensuring that through its cross-platform support players should hopefully find a match. This week the studio released its latest update for Wands, adding features like a heads-up display (HUD) as well as announcing a series of events taking place over the Christmas week.


With the new update players will now have a HUD that will show them their health, mana, and spells, at all times during a match. Additionally, players will now see a persistent health bar above their opponents, helping them gauge how far away from death they are.

The other new feature is for Oculus Go, MiVR and Google Daydream. Cortopia Studios has added what it calls the ‘Press’ Control Scheme. This allows players to cast spells directly with the touch-pad. Teleporting is handled by hold/release of the trigger (Oculus Go, MiVR).

As for other improvements, they are:

Improved features

  • You’ll now get into Wands faster! We reduced the startup time for the game, and we now give you information about what parts of the game are loading while you wait.

Game balancing

  • Mana regen rate increased to 10/s (from 8/s) during normal play, and 15/s (from 12/s) during the final minute
  • Decreased Phoenix’s max damage from 30 to 25, decreased min damage from 15 to 10, added constant splash damage of 10 and decreased damage increase per second from 5 to 3
  • Decreased Chilling Clutch’s fire rate from 5 to 2 per second
  • Reduced Hail of Death’s accuracy from long range; increased its accuracy from short range

Bug fixes

  • Improved the targeting behavior of The Vale’s crystal and addressed an exploit
  • Hail of Death and Blood Bolt can no longer fire two projectiles at once
  • You’re now correctly sent back to the workshop after losing your connection in the lobby or an arena
  • It should now be much less likely for more than 2 players try to connect to the same match
  • Daydream players can no longer prevent the countdown from starting

Wands Oculus Rift screenshot 3

Then there are the events which take place as follows:

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