Somersaults and Sideflips Are Coming to Action FPS Sairento VR

After an Early Access release in 2016 followed by a full launch in January, Mixed Realms’ ninja-based action title Sairento VR has proved to be a tidy little success, receiving a positive response from press and gamers alike. But the team hasn’t stopped there, continually releasing improvements. It has now laid out plans for the next major update. 

Sairento VR new screenshot 2

Sairento VR is very much an intense experience, partially due to its mixture of sword and gun battles, but mainly thanks to the movement system where you can bound about and leap off walls at leisure. The studio is taking this aspect one step further in its v1.5 update by allowing players to perform somersaults and sideflips. So you soon be able to perform directional flips in the air and sideflip off a wall run.

The aim is to give players even more dexterity when battling opponents, dodging incoming fire to get in close for some brutal sword attacks. The flip can be timed at any portion of the upward jump enabling even greater heights to be reached. Additionally, a gliding function will also be included to soar across the battlefield or to aid a miss-timed jump.

A new map will also be introduced called The Hangar. The multilevel arena will have various areas of interest to engage enemies in, while blast doors and cargo pods grant some cover in the central area. An assortment of bridges and scaffolding connect the upper areas and can be used to your advantage if you prefer a more stealthy approach.

Sairento VR new screenshot 3

A graphics overhaul of the Street and Alley levels help to make the experience even more visually striking.

Check out the changelog below for further details. Mixed Realms hasn’t stated when the update will be released, just that it’s coming soon. For more updates on the title, keep reading VRFocus.

Sairento VR v1.5 Changelog:

– Added new map : Hangar.
– Added indicator for front of play area in loading scenes.

– Added control option ‘Allow Gliding’ :
– Stretch out both arms to arrest your descent speed
– Angle the level of your arms left or right to control your glide direction
– Gliding will cancel out sliding when you land
– Added ‘Allow Front/Back/Side flips’ control option. When enabled, flips can be triggered along the upwards portion of a jump by raising both hands.
– Perform a front flip if jumping forward.
– Perform a back flip if jumping backwards.
– Perform a side flip if jumping to your side.
– As before, you can backflip off wall hops.
– Overhauled movement system – jumps are now physics-based.
– You will now collide with platforms/overhangs in a jump, rather than clipping through them.
– Clipping out of the world will happen less often.
– You are no longer limited to one snap rotation in any locomotion method. Turn as many times as you need.
– Fixed a long-standing bug where you would rewind to your original jump position before starting the jump.
– Added Control option : Accelerate Locomotion.
– This option let the user decide if locomotion should be affected by Acceleration (default is Off)
– Added Accessibility option : Display Subtitle
– This option let the user decide where subtitles should be displayed
– Screen: Subtitles will be displayed on the center of the screen. This is the default option
– Wrist: Subtitles will be displayed on non-master hand wrist

– Graphics revamp for Street map.
– Graphics revamp for Alley map.
– Improved third person animations.
– When performing a flip, weapons on your waist now properly flip together with you.
– Statues in the dojo now act as DPS dummies.
– Ground slides now travel further if you landed with more horizontal velocity.
– Blade Waves colliding against the environment now have spark particles.
– Increased follow speed of the direction pointer to extraction points.
– Reduced player collider size.