Insomniac Games Announces ‘Seedling’, Launching on Magic Leap in November

Insomniac Games, the talented game studio behind non-VR games like Spider-Man (2018) and VR games like Edge of Nowhere (2016) and The Unspoken (2016), today announced their first AR game called Seedling, coming to Magic Leap in November.

Without doubt, Insomniac Games is one of the most experience VR development studios to date, and now they’re turning their experience in immersive entertainment toward augmented reality.

Today at Leap Con, the company announced Seedling, an upcoming title for Magic Leap which is due to launch in november. As an AR experience, the approach is very different from anything Insomniac has done in VR, this time involving alien plants that the user must care for. The studio tells Road to VR that the experience will rely on real-world time, as plants slowly grow and need tending to over the course of many (real world) days.

Image courtesy Insomniac Games

The studio says the game has a story to tell that goes beyond just growing an alien garden, but they’re not saying much about what it will encompass or how it will be told.

Magic Leap is working with Insomniac as a publisher on the title, and while the experience was built by a small team, Insomniac tells us that Seedling has been in development for nearly a year and a half.

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