Digital Surgery Designated As A Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner

Digital Surgery, a health technology company working to reshape the future of surgery, has announced that its designation as an official Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner (MMRP). This exciting partnership will allow Digital Surgery the means to create mixed reality (MR) solution to improve the delivery of surgical care as part of the MMRP. Studies show that nearly one in seven patients hospitalized for major surgical procedures are readmitted within 30 days of discharge, with financial implications for the health system and clinical implications for the patients. Digital Surgery is working to utilize this new partnership, together with other demonstrated capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI), to power a radical shift in surgical care.

Microsoft HoloLens

“The Microsoft recognition is truly an honor and sets the stage for our larger mission, which is to deliver safe surgical care for all. With our AI technology and database of digital surgical processes, we’ve trained a computer to understand surgical procedures and predict what happens next.” Explains Dr. Jean Nehme, CEO, Digital Surgery, discussing the strategic importance of the partnership: “With HoloLens, we open the exciting opportunity to use the system’s integrated camera as the visual recognition system to deliver even more immersive experiences for the entire surgical team. This collaboration is a critical part of our strategy to partner with the world’s best technology firms, especially providers of breakthrough hardware, to support the delivery of safer surgery. I am excited to see what we can accomplish together.”

By being a part of the MMRP, Digital Surgery will be able to leverage technology, knowledge and experience along with Microsoft’s HoloLens MR headset to bring their goal to reality. According to the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, more than five billion people lack access to safe surgical care, with operative knowledge being one of the critical factors that has yet to scale globally. Addressing this problem is one of the goals of Digital Surgery by leveraging innovative technologies and intelligent operation systems.

Digital Surgery

“We are delighted to have Digital Surgery accredited as a Mixed Reality Partner. Given the pace of technological change, it is key that customers can access partners who understand mixed reality potential and have the proven ability to deliver transformative solutions.” Added Leila Martine, Product Director, Mixed Reality, Microsoft: “It’s great to see Microsoft HoloLens being added to Digital Surgery’s impressive content catalogue, and help us jointly shape the future of surgery and improvements in patient outcomes.”

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the work from Digital Surgery as they now work as part of the MMRP, so stay tuned for more.