‘Beat Saber Arcade’ Tournament Coming to 50+ VR Arcades Worldwide

Beat Saber (2018), the hit VR rhythm game, is getting a version especially for VR arcades. To celebrate the arcade version’s launch this week, Beat Games (ex-Hyperbolic Magnetism) is holding a tournament in more than 50 VR arcades across the world.

Hosted by the Virtual Athletics League, LIV, and SpringboardVR, VR Arcade Beat Saber Tournament. Arcade-goers will be able to win cash prizes and participate in giveaways.

Virtual Athletics League, who have been hosting VR tournaments for several years, will be running the tournament, LIV will be working with VR Arcades to do Mixed Reality broadcasting, and SpringboardVR will be sponsoring and providing the commercial licensing, the organizers say in a statement.

Image courtesy Beat Gamesaber

“We are very happy to welcome SpringboardVR on board as one of our first arcade partners,” says Jaroslav Beck, CEO of Beat Games. “This collaboration is an awesome opportunity to engage our beloved community in both the entertaining and competitive aspects of Beat Saber.”

Beat Saber initially launched on both Steam (Rift, Vive) and the Oculus Store back in May. Surpassing over $2 million in revenue in its first month, the block-slicing rhythm game has decidedly become a big win for the three-person, Czech Republic-based team. Beat Saber Arcade is said to go live on the SpringboardVR arcade network this week, and will be priced at six cents per minute.

“This tournament is an amazing milestone for both VR arcades and the Virtual Athletics League (VAL). Our vision is to cultivate a global community where VR arcades and players can compete and socialize while playing their favorite VR titles. We’re incredibly excited and grateful to be working with both the Beat Saber team and SpringboardVR to make this happen,” said Ryan Burningham, Co-Founder of VAL.

There’s currently no working list of participating arcades. Make sure to call your local VR arcade to see if they run the SpringboardVR platform and are participating in the tournament.

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