Calming Building Experience Block’hood Comes to VR

Celebrated publisher Devolver Digital and developer Plethora Project think that the world could use a bit more peace and quiet, and a lot more creating instead of destroying. As such, they have brought award-winning neighbourhood building simulator Block’hood into virtual reality (VR).

Block’hood aims to allow the creation of diverse environments and ecosystems. Players will be able to don a VR headset and explore the possibilities offered by the over 200 building blocks which are available within the title.

Players will be able to arrange and combine blocks into unique designs to create a neighbourhood, and then watch as the implications of the design unfold. Additional resources will always be needed to unlock new blocks, configurations or new, more prosperous types of neighbourhood.

Users will need to keep a close eye on their city, as their carefully constructions will start to decay if they run low on resources and then become a drain on the units all around them. If not addressed, this can cascade through the entire city.

The original developer Plethora Project worked together with Devolver Digital and General Arcade to remaster Block’hood into a VR experience that will allow players to create a living, breathing urban ecosystem. The VR version has added elements such as a dynamic VR view and a recreated control scheme that takes advantage of tracked motion controllers like the Oculus Touch and HTC Vive wands.

Interested players and amateur city planners can find the title on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Normally priced at £11.39 (GBP) the title is currently available with a 10% discount during launch week, bringing the price down to £10.25. A further 10% discount is available for users who already own the standard, non-VR version of Block’hood.

The trailer for Block’hood VR is available to view below. VRFocus will continue to keep you updated on the latest VR news and releases.