Skyfront VR Reveal Major Update That Adds Grenade Launcher

Skyfront VR, the fast-paced multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) that pits players against each other in virtual reality (VR) has announced a new major update that brings with it the long awaited new weapon.

Skyfront Pineapple Pop

The release of the Pineapple – what the grenade launcher has come to be known as – follows weeks of hype from the developers Levity Play. The new weapon allows players a chance to deliver some explosive justice to other players with not one but three grenades that can be then detonated remotely. To mark the release of the new weapon, Levity Play have also announced the return of the Skyfront Skirmishes to give players a chance to play in a limited-time gamemode that is all about this new weapon.

Titled Skyfront Skirmish: Pineapple Pop, the gamemode will take place between April 13th until April 16th at 5am UTC. The event is being run in collaboration with Aerial Sports League and will feature many prices for players to earn include a drone, Skyfront merch and Steam gift cards.

Skyfront VR screenshot

The weekend long event will challenge players to compete for a certain high score with the highest earner being called the victor. For this one the number of grenade launcher kills is what counts with deaths not having any impact on the score. Other weapons and skills are allowed by only those with the grenade launcher will count towards the high score. The remaining full rules, including how abusive behavior will not be tolerated, can be read on the Steam announcement.

Skyfront Skirmish: Pineapple Pop will also bring the first real-life trail of the Skyfront tournament app, which will allow VR arcades and eSports event organizers to tweak the game’s settings, such as match length and number of players, alongside a spectator function which is designed for broadcasting tournaments. Though the release of this depends on Steam’s approval process, it is a big step forward for the title and the business customers who want to expand their coverage and offering of the Skyfront VR.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Skyfront VR in the future so stay tuned for more.