Go Fishing in VR With Catch and Release

Developer Metricminds and publisher Advanced Interactive Gaming Ltd have announced a new virtual reality (VR) videogame title that invites players to take a fishing trip.

Catch and Release Menu

Titled Catch and Release, the title is a designed to provide players with a fun and relaxing arcade experience all about catching fish in peaceful locations. Gameplay is designed to be lightweight, allowing players to take on the task of fishing at their own pace. Players will also be able to explore the beautiful locations by rowing their boat and can even find the odd spot of treasure as well. Catch and Release is ideal for those looking to escape for ten minutes or even immerse themselves for over two hours.

Catch and Release HeroCatch and Release is set in the deep forests of North America, between the small village of Misty Falls, small creeks and waterfalls and far off the long windy roads at the beautiful lake Whispering Waters. Players are encouraged to explore and play at their own pace, having full control of the items and equipment around them including an in-game boat radio complete with an original soundtrack with over thirty songs.

Developed by Metricminds, the team  have a long history of working on videogame titles including providing the motion capture and cutscene creation for titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Dying Light. Now, taking all that experience they have been able to develop Catch and Release and build a fully immersed VR experience for both play and relaxation. Having full control over each element of the world around them is sure to aid in that complete immersion and give players a real sense of taking a spring time boat trip.

Catch and Release has no release date at the moment but is currently in development and is planned to release onto Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality (MR) and PlayStation VR. A gameplay trailer is available to watch below to give you an idea of how Catch and Release will play out once it releases.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the development of Catch and Release so stay tuned for more.