A-Train Express to Include PlayStation VR support

A-Train, an urban development and railroad management simulation videogame, was announced for PlayStation 4 back in September 2017. Now, developer Artdink, has revealed that the launch edition of A-Train Express will include support for the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) from day one.

A-Train Express screenshot

A-Train Express implements various features from A-Train 9, the most recent PC edition in the series, but for the first time bullet trains from across the country, north to south, have been implemented. Additionally, with PlayStation VR support, players can experience the world of railroad models, including N Gauge and H0 Gauge scaling, anew through the ‘VR Railroad Model Mode’.

The VR Railroad Model Mode allows players to experience a railroad model cityscape that feels like a diorama. The mode has four gameplay options, and players can select a scale for each gauge including the “N Gauge”, the “HO Gauge” and more. A ‘Flight Mode’ offers support for the DualShock 4’s motion-controller capability, however it’s not yet been confirmed whether PlayStation Move support is included in the videogame.

At present, it appears as though the PlayStation VR compatibility is limited to this VR Railroad Model Mode and does not encompass the construction aspect of the videogame. However, more details on this will become available at the time of the videogame’s launch.

A-Train Express screenshot

For newcomers to the franchise, A-Train Express will include a ‘Guide Movie’ feature which will teach you the basics of how to play the videogame. Guide Movies are being prepared for every situation to support the user as needed, and with the implementation of ‘Maps with Guides’, new users can learn the basics of how to control and play A-Train.

A-Train Express is set to launch in Japan on 21st December 2017, known as A-Train de Ikou Exp., and can be pre-ordered now from Play Asia. However, given that the videogame is a management simulation there’s likely to be significant hurdles with the language barrier for many players. There has not yet been any confirmation of a western release nor any additional language options included with the Japanese release.

Further details on A-Train Express and any potential western release will likely arrive in early 2018, and VRFocus will of course keep you updated with all the latest details.