Luden.Io Celebrates Star Wars: The Last Jedi With VRobot Update

We’ve seen from previous updates that the development team behind giant robot simulator VRobot are a group of unashamed geeks, having created homages to Transformers and Marvel’s Thor as part of content updates. Going a step further is the latest patch, which takes inspiration from a galaxy far, far away.

To celebrate the imminent release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the team at Luden.Io are introducing a new update to city-smashing title VRobot that puts the giant, looming moon-sized weapon of mass destruction the Death Star into the sky.

Though not 100% accurate to the films, as it has been designed to reflect the angular, polygonal style of the rest of the VRobot world, an image of the Death Star hangs ominously in the skybox over the city, adding a sinister presence to the city-smashing action.

The development team also said that one of their game designers has learned how to write code in order to create and implement a health system, a feature which is essential for allowing players to engage with enemy robots. The current goal is to create an enemy AI which will integrate into the game world and allow for fun and engaging gameplay using fighting moves and methods already familiar to the player.

Also being worked on is a new map that will be exclusive for multiplayer, a feature the developers hope to add soon. At the moment the ‘opponent’ is a ‘robot dummy’ who simply hangs in the air, but the team hope to share more details and updates once this feature is closer to completion. Work to bring VRobot to the PlayStation VR is also ongoing, though a release date for this version is yet to be confirmed.

VRobot is currently available on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, priced at £10.99. The team at Luden.Io have been keen to engage with the community and are releasing regular content updates.

VRFocus will bring you further news on VRobot as it becomes available.