Everyday Golf VR Looks To Bring Realistic Golfing To HTC Vive

Golf is not the cheapest sport to get involved in and unless the course you’re looking at playing contains ramps, tubes, tunnels and a possible windmill its not he easiest to get to play either. It’s also a game you can’t play if the weather is remotely bad for safety purposes or in the evening or at night. So developers Wisecat have looked to virtual reality (VR) as a way to remove the limitations on golf whilst keeping the experience as accurate as possible. Or as they put it “improve user convenience without losing realism”.

The result is Everyday Golf VR, a golfing game where you can take on up to 63 different holes in single player mode, test your skills on a 9 or 18 hole course, or challenge up to three of your friends in multiplayer. It has some neat sounding features as well for the budding golfer, including the ability to analyise your swing and a specific mode for left-handed players. Players who have made it to the green can even crouch down and get an idea of how flat the ground around them is by going into a wireframe analysis mode to show the lay.

Utilizing the HTC Vive, Everyday Golf VR is currently going through Steam Greenlight and you can find more about it here. You can see the newly released trailer for the game below.

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