’s CEO Discusses City Destroying Experience VRobot

Last week, the developer behind inMind and inCell launched its followup project in the form of VRobot. A destructive experience in which players are tasked with smashing cities to pieces, the title supports both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift through Steam Early Access. Prior to launch, VRFocus caught up with’s CEO, Oleg Chumakov to learn more about the experience.

As the name implies, players find themselves in the role of a giant robot with one task, absolute destruction, well kind of. This world has been overrun by robots and driverless cars so the inhabitants built one massive robot to clean it all up, you. Smash down skyscrapers with your bare hands, pickup and fling cars and houses galore across four different cities. Or use one of the three weapons in the videogame to help in the process, like the Tornado Maker or the Tractor Beam.

VRobot screenshot

VRTV’s Nina spoke with Chumakov at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2017 about all this carnage and mayhem. He discusses the in’s and out’s of the gameplay and its mechanics, also revealing the studio has plans for a PlayStation VR version in the future.

Checkout the full interview below, and for further updates on VRobot and, keep reading VRFocus.