Samsung Gear VR Apps Now Support SD Card Installation

Storage space on smartphones has always been a juggling act, managing apps, videos, photos, video games and more. While internal storage has got larger, so has the amount of content users want to store, and companies tend to get round this by offering cloud-based solutions or expandable memory. If you own a Samsung Gear VR however those options are somewhat limited. The Galaxy S6 had no option for adding more storage space, so everything went on the main internal memory, with the release of the S7 and now the S8 that’s changed, but Gear VR content still couldn’t be moved, until now.

This week on the Oculus Developer Blog the company has now revealed SD card support for Gear VR, meaning video games and apps can now be installed on removable memory. There is one small cravat for users, developers have to allow that option in their apps.

Oculus SD Card Storage

For apps currently on the Oculus Store developers will need to update the software to make use of the new feature. Future content added to the store will likely have the option from the word go as Oculus states: “Starting April 20, all Gear VR developers will be able to select an option at submission to make their app movable to an SD Card.”

On the apps PDP (production display page) a new symbol will appear indicating that it can be stored on an SD card. To move an app follow these simple instructions:

  • 1. Go to “Settings” → “Applications” → “App Manager” → Select your app
  • 2. Click on “Storage” info
  • 3. Click “Change” button
  • 4. Choose “SD card” from the pop-up dialog

This should in time help Gear VR users with big content libraries to easily managed the data, and if you upgrade from an S7 to an S8 then you shouldn’t need to reinstall everything again, just swap the memory card across (that is an assumption rather than confirmation).

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Samsung Gear VR, reporting back with the latest updates.