MetaWorms Are Team17’s Entry Into the NFT Market

“Oh no, not another NFT!” You may say but this time it comes from Team17 and its popular Worms franchise. Called MetaWorms, Team17 is collaborating with Reality Gaming Group on the new venture which will feature content from the videogame’s 26-year history whilst being “environmentally friendly”.

The only Metaworms visual released so far.

Apart from the image above, Team17 and Reality Gaming Group (RGG) – creators of augmented reality (AR) title Reality Clash – have yet to reveal what the MetaWorms collection will actually look like. What is known its that the NFTs will be created and managed by RGG’s Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform, connected to its “own “side-chain” of the Ethereum mainnet.”

NFTs and cryptocurrencies are well known to consume significant portions of energy. The announcement claims that MetaWorms will: “offer substantial reductions to the amount of energy used per transaction,” 100,000 NFTs using as much energy on average as the “annual kettle usage of just 11 households.” So that’s nicely cleared up.

Adding to the environmental credentials – if they matter to you when buying an NFT – the companies have partnered with Coin 4 Planet. This is a sustainability platform that donates a portion of each NFT sale to Refeed Farms, which uses vertical worm beds to replace synthetic fertilizers and replenish soil.


Worms remains an iconic franchise in global gaming with tens of millions of fans around the world, so we’re really excited and proud to announce our partnership with Reality Gaming Group ahead of the release of highly limited edition artwork NFTs later this year,” says Harley Homewood, Head of Publishing, Team17 Digital, in a statement. The ultra-low energy technology Reality Gaming Group uses, together with their carbon neutral servers, played an essential part of the reassurances we sought before our agreement; we’re very much looking forward to giving Worms fans a chance to own a piece of our history.”

Currently, there isn’t a lot of additional information with a very basic MetaWorms website and a Discord channel with an empty roadmap.

To learn more about NFTs gmw3 has created a ” What is an NFT Guide“. When further details regarding MetaWorms are available we’ll let you know.