Insomniac Games Reveal Seedling For The Magic Leap One

Earlier this week at the Magic L.E.A.P conference developer Insomniac Games revealed a new mixed reality (MR) experience that is being created for the Magic Leap One. Going by the name of Seedling, players take on the role of Scout who must nurture, grow and customize an alien lifeforms – one that exists on your kitchen table or any flat surface you have available. As players grow and evolve these lifeforms they will be rewarded with for being diligent caretakers with plenty of surprises.


Seedling is described as being more of an experience than a traditional videogame and it represents the team at Insomniac Games thinking differently about their design approach. The title is the result of Insomniac Games asking, “How can we use MR to bring a bit of sparkle, a bit of wonder into the world around us.” and if the released images are anything to go by it really shows.

Magic Leap invited some of the team at Insomniac Games to visit their headquarters and see early prototypes of the Magic Leap One. Because of this the team witnessed an approach that would change how people interact with reality and the team saw this as an opportunity to design experience that they couldn’t of done before. To help make Seedling possible Magic Leap actively involved the team at Insomniac Games in the hardware development phase which allowed them to have an early understanding of what it was capable of and begin work early on.


“LEAP conference attendees were able to play a Seedling demo today, and their response to it was gratifying. Several folks were mystified and intrigued by our mini biome, taking great pleasure in helping the alien life flourish.” explains Seedling Creative Director, Nathaniel Bell.

The team also reveal that Seedling is not the only project they have in the works for the Magic Leap One, with the company looking forward to showing these other projects off in due course. In the coming weeks the team will also share more on Seedling and the experience that it will provide players with. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the title in the future, so stay tuned for more as it becomes available.

Magic Leap Announce Avatar Chat And Two-Controller Support At L.E.A.P Conference

During the recent Magic Leap developer conference entitled L.E.A.P, the company provided a look at the software roadmap of their mixed reality (MR) headset for the next half of the year. Within were a number of small announcements that will see a number of interest and helpful additions coming to the Magic Leap One. This includes a new avatar chat application along with improved controller options to name a few.

Magic Leap One Reveal

As reported by venturebeat, the new Avatar Chat application allows multiple users the chance to talk and interest with each other within a shared 3D space. It looks like it will be launching in three stages with the first being Remote Casting, where one user will be able to sit in a shared environment with another use. Both users will be represented with cartoon style avatars and they will be able to talk, move around the virtual space and share emojis. This experience will offer a more compelling way to communicate over a standard audio or video chat.

Sometime in the future following the initial release, Avatar Chat will allow up to three participants the chance to share the 3D space followed by the option to allow users to customize their avatar for a more personal experience. Having a chat application built directly into the software will be a big benefit to a number of users and allow them to interact with each other with ease and in a more human way.

Magic Leap One Lightwear 2

To help support this and in response to feedback, Magic Leap are planning to make a number of improvements over the next six months to their controls. In the first quarter of 2019, Magic Leap will add two-controller support to LuminOS along with support for six degree-of-freedom (6DoF) controller tracking coming to the platform in the future as well. These will improve the options users have to control their experiences with developers able to leverage the new features to build bigger and better projects.

Both the Avatar Chat application and the new improvements to the controls are part of Magic Leap’s plan to continue to support and develop their software to ensure users have the best experience possible. For all the latest on Magic Leap in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

Framestore Teams With Air New Zealand For First Magic Leap Project

Where as the idea of playing a card game on a computer has always been something readily accepted – largely in part to the likes of Solitaire being bundled with windows seemingly forever. The idea of playing a videogame version of a board game that wasn’t chess or othello/revesi took a little bit longer to be readily accepted. Now of course we have the likes of Tabletop Simulator that keep us readily entertained, and of course Mario Party to keep us readily trying to strangle our quote-unquote friends.

So, it shouldn’t be that surprising that Magic Leap’s L.E.A.P. conference in Los Angeles we would be introduced to a mixed reality (MR) board game for the Magic Leap One. Although the subject matter may indeed be a little head scratching to some.

From the team at Framestore comes their first content for the headset, in the form of the Air New Zealand sponsored Fact or Fantasy? The Fantastical Game of New Zealand. A four-player shared MR experience, Fact or Fantasy? The Fantastical Game of New Zealand uses a physical board, a digital quizmaster and brings aspects of the country to life in your living room.

It is, of course, a promotional piece to encourage you to go on holiday to the country. Something the General Manager of Global Brand and Content Marketing for Air New Zealand, Jodi Williams, addresses.

“This partnership is an important step towards understanding the part spatial computing could play in the future customer experience both on the ground and in the air. By getting in early and being both a developer and creator we have been able to test and learn, creating an incredible platform from which to explore the potential of this technology as part of our Future Aircraft Cabin Experience programme including concepts such as being able to reframe customers’ perceptions of the physical cabin environment.”

“We are storytellers at Framestore, first and foremost; innovation courses in our veins.” Adds Framestore CEO Sir William Sargent. “The promise of mixed reality excites us enormously, and we are delighted that this project with Air New Zealand and Magic Leap provides us with the chance to show the world the extraordinary potential of this new medium, as we experiment with new ways to share narratives.”

You can check out a video from Air New Zealand showing off the title in action below.  VRFocus will have more stories about the developments at the L.E.A.P. conference very soon.


Magic Leap’s First Spatial Computing Event Heading to LA in October

The Magic Leap One Creator Edition finally arrived earlier this month and it received mixed opinions from those that have seen it – the lucky few in the US. Now that the hardware is officially out there needs to be some content, so Magic Leap needs creators, partners and from across the world to get together and consolidate their knowledge. And what better way than an event in Los Angeles, California, the L.E.A.P. Conference to be precise. 

Magic Leap One

Continuing Magic Leap’s trend for keeping secrets few details have been released regarding the L.E.A.P. Conference. It’ll take place between 8th – 9th October 2018, and will be focused on teaching and accelerating attendees knowledge of spatial computing. So hopefully at the end of the two days they’ll have learnt how to maximise the potential of the device.

Cryptically, Magic Leap has stated: “Expect some playtime with Magic Leap One, a sneak peek at some of our top-secret collaborations, and the chance to rub shoulders with the leading minds in mixed reality. We might even have a few surprises in store…”

If you already own the Magic Leap One Creator Edition and you want to learn more then head on over to the L.E.A.P. Conference website to signup.

Magic Leap One Reveal

At the moment the actual user base is going to be very small, not only because the Magic Leap One Creator Edition starts from $2,295 USD, but also only select cities in the US are actually eligible for delivery. It’ll be interesting to see if Magic Leap decide to release sales figures for what is essentially a development kit, and possibly years away from an actual consumer product.

The Magic Leap One system is comprised of three parts, the main headset (called Lightwear), a battery and processing unit termed ‘Lightpack’, and a 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) movement controller. One of the biggest negatives seized upon regarding the headset was the field of view (FOV). Listed as 40 degrees horizontal by 30 degrees vertical its only just bigger than Microsoft’s HoloLens and much smaller than any VR headset.  When further details for the L.E.A.P. Conference are available VRFocus will let you know.