Gorilla Tag Gets Incredible New Mod Maps Featuring Minecraft, Mario And More

Gorilla Tag custom maps are now easy to download and jump into thanks to the release of a custom map loader and a bunch of unofficial new levels along with it.

The loader is called Monke Map Loader (of course), created by legoandmars, and so far supports 25 fan-made levels, including riffs on real locations like New York City and the International Space Station as well as tributes to games like Minecraft, Super Mario 64 and The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Check out a quick look at some of these maps in the trailer posted on Reddit below.

Gorilla Tag Custom Maps Are Here

Gorilla Tag is going to offer a pretty unique spin on these locations. In the game, you bounce around environments by pushing yourself off of the floor and walls with your hands. The mechanic is used for a giant game of virtual tag, and has proven incredibly popular since it launched on SteamVR and SideQuest (and, later, on App Lab).

The Monke Map Loader is available on both PC and Quest. For PC, you’ll need to download the Monke Mod Manager from here and enable the Loader from within the software. If you’re on Quest you’ll need to get QuestPatcher. More info on how to specifically install it all is available from here.

The new maps will be welcome to long-time Gorilla Tag players. At the start of the month the game’s second official map, Canyon, went into beta. Are you going to be downloading any of the new Gorilla Tag custom maps? Let us know in the comments below!