This ‘Snackable’ Headset Aims to Make VR More Approachable to the Public

When it comes to public spaces like shops and museums, self-service virtual reality isn’t really a thing yet; first-timers generally need to be told how to put on the headset, how to hold the controllers, and where to stand. And let’s face it, most everyone on the planet is a VR newcomer at this point, meaning you’ll need an attendant to handhold users the entire way through. That’s where South Africa-based EDEN Labs wants to change things up with its enterprise-focused VR headset platform, the Eden Snacker.

The Snacker isn’t meant for the sort of games you might normally think of when VR comes to mind like Beat Saber (2018) or Job Simulator (2016). It doesn’t have controllers, and only features 3DOF head tracking; what it does have is a decidedly more approachable opera glasses-style design that lets you hold the headset with one hand so you can press it to your face without needing a headstrap, which could otherwise ward off some users.

In short, it’s the sort of headset that’s designed for quick jumps into casual VR content like 360 video and photos which ideally finds a home in places like shops, museums, expos—basically anywhere you might want to give the public a more immersive viewpoint but aren’t looking for the whole megillah of a 6DOF platform like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Based on the standalone VR headset Skyworth S1, a little-known 3DOF headset from the eponymous Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer, the platform boasts a total display resolution of 3,840 × 2,160 (1,920 × 2,160 per lens), a LCD clocked at refresh rate of 72Hz—a notably higher resolution than Oculus Go’s 1,280 × 1,440 pixels per-lens LCD panel.

Besides the headset, stand, and detachable hand grip, the platform also includes a tablet-based user station so you can easily pick an experience before popping into VR. This would likely require an attendant, but its easy to imagine a single person handling multiple headsets at a time.

Image courtesy Eden Labs

To wit, the company also produces a self-service model with a touchscreen kiosk that lets users rate the experience, and no doubt comes with on-screen instructions to help users choose an experience. Eden also includes built-in wireless charging so you simply put the headset back in its cradle when you’re done with the VR experience.

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Notably, the stand itself has built-in 4G and 5G-ready support in addition to its Wi-Fi module, basically letting enterprise customers plug it and set it up anywhere and remotely manage content.

Eden Snacker is slated to launch at some point in 2020. An early access sign-up for content makers, brands, businesses and ad agencies is open now at Eden’s website.

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Download the Free Demo of Eden-Tomorrow for PlayStation VR Today

Originally called EDEN when developer Soulpix first announced the virtual reality (VR) title back in 2015, now the project goes by the name of Eden-Tomorrow and can be downloaded as a free demo via PlayStation Store for PlayStation VR owners.  


An epic sci-fi action adventure which Soulpix states has been inspired by classic science fiction films of the 70‘s and 80‘s, Eden-Tomorrow puts players on a hostile alien world with gigantic dinosaur-like creatures. They play an unnamed character plagued by amnesia after crash landing on this planet, their only companion a small drone called Newton who has a range of different skills to aid your adventure.

Soulpix has kept a lot of what happens quiet as ideas have changed over the course of development. Frank Sennholz, Game-Director, Soulpix does also mention in his PlayStation Blog that the story: ‘also grapples with present-day fears of what could happen if an artificial intelligence gets out of control.’

As for any more clues, well you’ll have to download the demo to find out. It’s not often that studios release a demo ahead of launch, especially when so many years have gone into development, spoiling the surprise. That being said, PlayStation VR users do tend to get treated to demos a little more often, most noticeably this week with the release of PlayStation VR Demo Collection 3 with nine titles in the collection.


It looks like Soulpix has created a massive world for players to explore, mixing in both puzzle elements as well as action when having to deal with giant worms, being attacked by flying creatures or finding themselves right in the middle of a herd of giant Sand Walkers. Eden-Tomorrow could be one of the biggest PlayStation VR titles of 2019.

The free demo of Eden-Tomorrow can be downloaded from the European PlayStation Store now. VRFocus expects a North American version to arrive later today. Soulpix has yet to confirm an actual launch date for Eden-Tomorrow, simply giving a window of Q1 2019, so it can’t be too far away.

As further details regarding Eden-Tomorrow are released, VRFocus will let you know. For now, check out the new trailer below.

Sci-Fi Dino Adventure Eden Tomorrow Coming to PlayStation VR in 2018

During Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) Paris Games Week (PGW) 2017 press conference the company showcased a sizzle reel full of upcoming PlayStation VR titles. During the trailer a new videogame was shown for a brief few seconds which featured dinosaur looking creatures on an arid desert world, Eden Tomorrow. Now VRFocus has a few more details to for you to mull over.

Eden Tomorrow is the work of German developer Soulpix, challenging players to survive in a hostile alien world filled with giant creatures, some of which appear more hostile than others. To accompany the announcement the studio has now released a new trailer although it doesn’t exactly detail any more of the actual videogame, merely revealing a launch window of Spring 2018.

Eden Tomorrow screencap 2

Eden Tomorrow isn’t actually a new title as it first appeared back in 2015 during Gamescom in Germany, simply called EDEN. Originally EDEN allowed players to control three separate characters, a bloke, and robotic dog and a flying drone, each of which has its own specific attributes to help the group survive the harsh environment.

In the latest trailer this still seems to be partially the case as the drone and male character both featured. However there was no sign of the players four legged companion. Of course over the last couple of years plans may have changed, just like the title, with Soulpix streamlining the experience ready for release.

At the time VRFocus spoke with Soulpix’s owner Frank Sennholz about the title, discussing the story and how the gameplay mechanics worked. We also previewed the early title, generally being fairly impressed with the experience, saying: “even this early on, this is a title that should already be on any VR fan’s radar.” Eden Tomorrow may have dropped of most people’s radar with the lack of info released by Soulpix since then, but that’s not going to be an issue for much longer.

As VRFocus learns more about Eden Tomorrow now that it’s resurfaced after two years in the wilderness, what’s changed, if its PlayStation VR exclusive (it was originally an Oculus Rift experience) and more we’ll let you know.