Eden Tomorrow Review: Welcome To A Jurassic Slog

eden tomorrow psvr adventure

I honestly had high hopes for Eden Tomorrow. What I’d seen of this first-person adventure suggested it would be a sort of alien Jurassic Park. There are elements of that in the full game. But any magic is squandered by its other more disjointed factors.

Eden Tomorrow carries a premise familiar to VR veterans. You crash land on an alien planet and must survive the hostile landscape as you find out what happened and why. You’re accompanied by an A.I. companion named Newton and can switch between yourself and the drone to solve puzzles and whatnot.

At it’s best, it’s a game about connecting with unknown nature. Eden Tomorrow’s environmental design is largely barren but it makes up for it with some imaginative critters. It embraces both the tranquility and threat of the animal (alien?) kingdom to good effect. There’s just as much to be said for marveling at the majesty of a long-necked E.T. dinosaur as there is for cowering at the uncomfortably jagged jaws of a flying dragon. Pacing often leans on the latter; you’ll sneak past sleeping nasties and avoid giant worms that burst out of the ground. There’s a horrifying brilliance to having to remain perfectly still under the gaze of a monster looking for food.

It embraces the squeamishness of VR to good effect. I often cowered in fear as things roared in my face or tried to peck at my eyes.

But the game rarely capitalizes on its best ideas. At one point a minefield of ground-swallowing plants block the path between you and your objective. You have to navigate the sands being careful not to trigger them. The game conveniently ignores the fact there are rocks to the sides and middle of the map that would let you safely clamber over. You can’t climb on them despite easily navigating such landscapes earlier.

One particularly inventive creature emits a light that attracts deadly insects. You only encounter it once whereas dragons feature throughout. The game features an entire ecosystem waiting to be discovered. Sadly you’ll only scratch the surface.

Newton is by far the game’s biggest hindrance, though. If you played the demo, you know that Newton likes to talk. Not only does he babble on, but you often have to stand still and listen to him. I was hoping this would only happen in the opening sequence but no; Newton doesn’t shut up. He talks and talks and talks. If there’s the slightest plot development, he’ll tell you. Not following your objective, Netwon’ll bring it up. If you so much as sneeze, boy, will he’ll let you know.

It doesn’t help that his voice over work is immensely irritating. If you think Portal 2’s Wheatley lays on the Britishness thick just wait until you hear Newton. He sounds like he’s trying to parody every line he delivers. Dialogue is also painstakingly drawn out. At one point a dragon stares you down and he shouts “Run!”You can’t actually move until it’s explained where you should run to and why you should run there. All the while the dragon stands there licking his lips.

Add in reused lines (in one sequence he literally repeats ‘stand still’ over and over without pause) and it gets to the point of farcical. He’ll even shout “Look behind you! Turn around!” in chase sequences, which is almost certain to get you killed. Worse yet, Newton’s gameplay segments often result in scanning massive areas for hidden power cores to charge a shockwave. You have to scour areas with a fine toothcomb. It’s head-bangingly dull and I was often tempted to throw in the towel.

Sadly things don’t pick up much when you push Newton aside. Eden Tomorrow feels assembled from pieces of different puzzles. It’s got a sweeping score of epic proportions that’s most often utilized when you’re plodding through the desert with nothing much going on. And there’s a whole lot of plodding; environments are massive but with very little to see. Some areas feel designed to pad the game out. It lasts an unwelcomely long 5 hours. As for the plot? You have to stop an A.I. construct known as Mother. Do you know how Newton comes to the conclusion she’s an A.I.? It’s because she’s called Mother. There’s no irony to it.

Ridley Scott wants his A.I. back.

Final Score: 4/10 – Forgettable

Despite its good intentions Eden Tomorrow rarely breaks free of its many issues. An intensely disagreeable sidekick, dull pacing and by-the-numbers plotting will put you on autopilot for 90% of the game. There are moments of magic here but, for the most part, Eden Tomorrow is simply a slog.

Eden Tomorrow is available now on PSVR for $19.99. Check out these official review guidelines to find out more about our process. 

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Download the Free Demo of Eden-Tomorrow for PlayStation VR Today

Originally called EDEN when developer Soulpix first announced the virtual reality (VR) title back in 2015, now the project goes by the name of Eden-Tomorrow and can be downloaded as a free demo via PlayStation Store for PlayStation VR owners.  


An epic sci-fi action adventure which Soulpix states has been inspired by classic science fiction films of the 70‘s and 80‘s, Eden-Tomorrow puts players on a hostile alien world with gigantic dinosaur-like creatures. They play an unnamed character plagued by amnesia after crash landing on this planet, their only companion a small drone called Newton who has a range of different skills to aid your adventure.

Soulpix has kept a lot of what happens quiet as ideas have changed over the course of development. Frank Sennholz, Game-Director, Soulpix does also mention in his PlayStation Blog that the story: ‘also grapples with present-day fears of what could happen if an artificial intelligence gets out of control.’

As for any more clues, well you’ll have to download the demo to find out. It’s not often that studios release a demo ahead of launch, especially when so many years have gone into development, spoiling the surprise. That being said, PlayStation VR users do tend to get treated to demos a little more often, most noticeably this week with the release of PlayStation VR Demo Collection 3 with nine titles in the collection.


It looks like Soulpix has created a massive world for players to explore, mixing in both puzzle elements as well as action when having to deal with giant worms, being attacked by flying creatures or finding themselves right in the middle of a herd of giant Sand Walkers. Eden-Tomorrow could be one of the biggest PlayStation VR titles of 2019.

The free demo of Eden-Tomorrow can be downloaded from the European PlayStation Store now. VRFocus expects a North American version to arrive later today. Soulpix has yet to confirm an actual launch date for Eden-Tomorrow, simply giving a window of Q1 2019, so it can’t be too far away.

As further details regarding Eden-Tomorrow are released, VRFocus will let you know. For now, check out the new trailer below.

PSVR’s Eden Tomorrow Feels Like The Robinson Sequel We’ll Never Get

eden tomorrow psvr adventure

It’s a little surreal to be stepping back into the world of Eden Tomorrow. I first tried this new VR adventure game back at Gamescom 2015. Its depiction of an alien planet enraptured me. It focused on discovery just as much as it did danger. But it’s been four years since then. You might think the magic had faded by now.

Today’s new demo suggests it hasn’t.

Eden Tomorrow is shaping up to be the closest thing we’ll get to a Robinson: The Journey sequel. But, with any luck, it’ll be even more than that. This seems to be a game that isn’t afraid to, well, make you afraid. The 20-minute gameplay slice available now on PSVR is book ended by two close encounters with an alien dragon, and there’s a springy jump scare towards the end that won’t please those with a fear of needles. But its willingness to alarm contributes to its intrepid spirit.

This feels like Robinson but perhaps without the training wheels, a game that really wants to make you feel on edge. Within minutes of starting, I’m frozen on the spot by the steely glare of a monster that fancies me for its lunch, helplessly (and embarrassingly) shrieking a little when it takes a snap. Later on I’ve got my back against the wall as I traverse a bottomless canyon, and I’m throwing my head from side-to-side as I balance over beams. These were dangers we didn’t see until the last hour of Crytek’s VR adventure all introduced in the game’s opening.

It’s darker, too. There’s a lot more death in Eden Tomorrow, which suggests the story might tread more interesting ground. Hopefully it transcends the obvious movie influences and finds something genuinely new.

The Robinson comparisons don’t end with the setting and genre, though. You’ll sometimes control a floating AI companion named Newton, who bears a striking resemblance to HIGs. That’s not to say he’s a carbon copy; he’s got his own level of charm in how his three-pronged claws flutter and float, erratically jumping in and out of storage panels like an awkward Briton that doesn’t know what to do with his hands. No points for guessing which way his accent leans, then.

Visually the game probably won’t ever match Crytek’s lush jungles and boggy swamps. But that’s not to say Eden Tomorrow doesn’t show promise. Environments are impressively detailed and sharp and character and creature animations are convincing. The color palette is somewhat monochrome in the demo but hopefully that’ll change. I’m looking forward to seeing what developer Soulpix does when it really flexes its muscles.

The question right now is if the developer can deliver on the promising start. As VR has matured these older, gamepad-driven adventure games have begun to feel dated. And there are traces of that here, including awkward transitions to simple actions. Sliding on a slope, for example, has the screen and music fade out before you slip down, and then does so again. It’s just a little disconnected and jarring.

Quite of bit of hope in this one, then. Soulpix says the full version of Eden Tomorrow will launch in Q1 2019 and will last around four to five hours. We’ll have final impressions around then.

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[Update]: Eden Tomorrow für PlayStation VR (PSVR) erhältlich


Die Vollversion von Eden Tomorrow ist seit wenigen Tagen für 19,99 Euro für PlayStation VR (PSVR) im PlayStation Store erhältlich.

[Originalartikel vom 4. Januar 2019]:

Entwicklerstudio Soulpix kündigt auf der offiziellen Webseite eine kostenlose Demo-Version von Eden Tomorrow für PlayStation VR (PSVR) an. Die Demo des Sci-Fi-Abenteuers soll im Januar 2019 veröffentlicht werden.

Eden Tomorrow – Kostenlose Demo-Version für PlayStation VR (PSVR) erscheint im Januar im PlayStation Store

In Eden Tomorrow landet man als gestrandete Person auf einem unbekannten, kargen Wüstenplaneten. Ratlos durchstreift ihr die überlebensunfreundliche Oberfläche der Gesteinswelt auf der Suche nach einer Fluchtoption. Dabei stoßt ihr auf gigantische Dinosaurier, die den Planeten bewohnen und beeindruckende Landschaften.

Damit ihr nicht völlig auf euch alleine gestellt seid, steht euch ein kleiner Roboter mit nützlichen Tipps zur Seite, der euch nebenbei noch als Taxi fungiert. Während eurer harten Überlebensreise gilt es, allerlei Rätsel und Herausforderungen zu lösen. So müsst ihr Wege frei sprengen oder über gefährliche Schluchten balancieren.

Eden Tomorrow Screenshot PSVR

Wir konnten den VR-Titel bereits auf einem Presse-Event von PlayStation vorab ausprobieren. Besonders die ansehnlichen hochauflösenden Texturen der visuellen Landschaft sowie das abwechslungsreiche Gameplay konnten uns dabei überzeugen. In folgendem Video erzählen wir euch genauer, was euch darin erwartet:

In den nächsten Wochen erscheint eine kostenlose Demo des Sci-Fi-Abenteuers Eden Tomorrow im PlayStation Store, wie das deutsche Entwicklerstudio Soulpix auf der offiziellen Webseite verkündet. Ein genaues Datum ist derzeit noch nicht bekannt.

Die Vollversion soll ebenso noch 2019 für PlayStation VR (PSVR) folgen.

(Quellen: Soulpix | Videos: PlayStation YouTube | VR Nerds YouTube)

Der Beitrag [Update]: Eden Tomorrow für PlayStation VR (PSVR) erhältlich zuerst gesehen auf VR∙Nerds. VR·Nerds am Werk!

PSVR Adventure Eden Tomorrow Getting Free Demo This Month

Eden Tomorrow PSVR adventure puzzle game

Remember Soulpix’s Eden Tomorrow? No? Well, you’ll be able to play it soon all the same.

The developer’s official website confirms that a demo for the PSVR game is coming this month. There’s no final date or details of what the demo will entail, but we’re intrigued. Eden Tomorrow is a game that wowed me when I first saw it at Gamescom nearly four years ago now. Back in 2017, it was confirmed that the game would be coming to PSVR but we haven’t heard from it since. A trailer (seen below) did say it was coming in spring 2018 but obviously that didn’t happen. It looks like 2019 is finally the year we’ll get our hands on it, then.

Soulpix describes Eden Tomorrow as an adventure puzzle game in which players crash land on a strange alien planet. The world is inhabited by giant dinosaurs, some friendly, some less so. You’ll explore the landscape, solving brain teasers and marveling at your new friends. When we played it on an Oculus Rift DK2 we fell in love with the visuals and the experience of meeting some of these beasts up close. You could control three characters, including a human, drone and I think a dog (it may have been an alien dog, it was four years ago).

But we’ve got a lot of questions. How much of the game we played in 2015 is still intact? Why has it taken this long to come out? What controllers will we use – Move or DualShock 4? There’s a lot for us to learn, so we’ve reached out to Soulpix to find out more about the demo. We’ll let you know if we hear back.

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15 New PSVR Game Trailers From Paris Games Week

Paris Games Week is here and Sony has revealed a slew of new trailers showing off their lineup of PSVR games coming in 2017 and 2018. Grab some popcorn, because here’s 21 minutes of fresh footage.

Eden Tomorrow

Developer: Soulpix
Release Date: Spring 2018

Eden-Tomorrow catapults the player right into the heart of a strange cosmos: frightening creatures, cryptic riddles, abandoned places and the ever-present question: “what happened here?”

Apex Construct

Developer: Fast Travel Games
Release Date: TBD

[Apex Construct] takes place in a shattered but beautiful post-apocalyptic future filled with merciless robots, where two powerful AIs are locked in a drawn-out conflict. As the last remaining human, you’ll explore this world and use your wits and combat skills to survive, while discovering why almost all organic life has become extinct.


Developer: Disruptive Games
Release Date: 2018

Megalith is an action-packed hero shooter that transforms you into a titan, letting you use your massive size and firepower to compete with others in a quest to become a god. Immersed in the conflict of an ancient world, you will need to use a combination of teamwork and skill to survive. Fight for supremacy on the fields of battle using free locomotion, strategy, and destructible environments. Define your own style of combat by customizing your abilities so that you can vanquish your foes and push your disciples to victory.

Blood & Truth

Developer: Sony London Studios
Release Date: TBD

From the moment you slip on the headset, you become Ryan Marks, an elite Special Forces soldier who is on a dangerous mission to save his family from a ruthless criminal overlord. Playing as Ryan, you will come face to face with enemies, uncover secrets and experience the thrill of the chase.

Sprint Vector

Developer: Survios
Release Date: TBD

Sprint Vector is the ultimate competitive VR game: a multiplayer adrenaline platformer that merges the physical thrill of extreme sports competition with the unhinged energy of a zany game show spectacle. Survios’ innovative Fluid Locomotion System and intuitive intended motion mechanics let you comfortably attain and maintain extreme speeds in VR.


Developer: Gattai Games
Release Date: Available Now

Experience virtual reality horror in a whole new light in this sound-based thriller where enemies hear your fear. Follow in the quiet footsteps of David Ridley, a grief-stricken widower seeking solace in virtual memories of his traumatic past that are slowly turning his world dark. Create sound waves to reveal the world around you, using objects and your own voice in unique virtual reality and mic-enabled gameplay. But beware your nightmares are listening to every noise you make…

Star Child

Developer: Playful Corp
Release Date: 2018

Star Child is a cinematic platforming adventure that follows the journey of Spectra and her companion on an important mission to an alien planet. After becoming stranded, they uncover a hostile, overwhelming force that threatens to destroy everything. At a pivotal, startling moment, Spectra gains the ability to gradually take control of the world around her and fight back.

League of War VR Arena

Developer: MunkyFun
Release Date: November 7th

League of War: VR Arena is a hands, on, fast-paced war game. Swiftly deploy your tanks, infantry, and choppers in a battle to destroy your enemy’s base before they destroy yours!

Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown

Developer: Bandai Namco Studios
Release Date: 2018

Discover the glory of being an elite fighter pilot. Become an Ace pilot by taking down enemies through tactical dogfighting, while experiencing the exhilaration of flying freely in a fully immersive world.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard – Not a Hero DLC

Developer: Capcom
Release Date: December 12, 2017

Not a Hero is a chapter that explores the direct aftermath of RE7’s main story. Unlike the nightmare suffered by untrained civilian Ethan Winters, players take control of Chris Redfield to tackle the outbreak as a trained professional. Experience a different flavor of survival horror with an arsenal of tactical weaponry!

Rec Room

Developer: Against Gravity
Release Date: 2017

Rec Room [is] a vibrant and growing virtual community where you play with friends new and old from all around the world! Customize your look then head to the Rec Center for endless fun and games like our epic co-op Quests, 3D Charades, or Paintball! Or play casual minigames like Disc Golf, Dodgeball, and more. Or create and share your own activities using an ever-expanding variety of fun creative tools. Rec Room is a fun and welcoming environment for people from all walks of life! Come and join the fun for free!


Developer: Bit Planet Games
Release Date: 2017

In Ultrawings, you’ll pilot four distinct aircraft using your virtual hands or gamepad! Soar around four unique, beautifully stylized islands! Earn money to buy new airplanes and new airports! You’ll pop balloons, snap photos, perform spot landings, compete in aerial races, fly through score rings, and even perform emergency landings!

Bow to Blood

Developer: Tribetoy
Release Date: 2018

Bow to Blood takes place in a fantastical sci-fi world, a massive gas giant with mist-soaked floating islands and continents at the heart of a declining empire. Experience harrowing high-speed races, deadly battles with swarming assault ships, perilous encounters with aerial beasts, mind-bending challenges, and more.

Snow Fortress

Developer: Mythical City Games
Release Date: 2017

Snow Fortress is a room-scale Virtual Reality snow fort building & battle game. Relive your childhood by building snow forts as you prepare for epic snowball fights! Unlock tools to protect your fort and deliver a fury of snowballs at your opponents!

Dead Hungry

Developer: Q-Games
Release Date: Available Now

Grill, fry, and bake your way to freedom in Dead Hungry, a fast-paced new PSVR title from the makers of the legendary PixelJunk series. You are a fearless food-truck cook working double overtime to single-handedly save the world from certain doom. Using burgers, fries, a generous portion of side menu items–and anything else within reach–you can restore the living dead to human form! Turn swarms of zombie schoolgirls, office workers, and sumo wrestlers into well-fed and highly functional members of society! Get creative feeding this unstoppable mob with food, phones, or anything else you please! They aren’t just hungry–they’re Dead Hungry.

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What You Missed: A Recap of the Latest Virtual Reality Titles Coming to PlayStation VR

Missed the announcements from Paris Games Week (PGW)? A huge fan of virtual reality (VR)? PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR owners likely already know that there are now over 100 titles on the platform. But that’s just now. There’s plenty of videogames on the way to add to that collection, and luckily VRFocus has got your back. Below you can find a list of all the PlayStation VR videogames that were announced or mentioned at PGW – and we have also created a little video recap which you can find below.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – 2018

Bandai Namco bring you Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, taking their popular fighter pilot series to VR for the first time. With spectacular views, a dynamic weather system and various maps, this videogame demands the highest possible aerial combat skills.

Resident Evil VII biohazard DLC – Not A Hero – December 12th 2017

Chris Redfield comes up against new and terrifying enemies in his pursuit of deadly psychopath Lucas in Resident Evil VII thanks to the Not A Hero free DLC. There are plenty of gory situations to confront on the path ahead as Redfield seeks an end to the bloody reign of the murderous Baker family.

Rec Room – Coming Soon

Developers Against Gravity have created a social platform where players can engage in multiplayer games with one another. As with all the products mentioned here, check out the link for more information.

Moss – 2018

Announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), VRFocus thought Moss was perhaps the cutest VR game to date. Sadly, that date has shifted, with the title now delayed until 2018. Developed by Polyarc, Moss asks players to solve puzzles in a larger-than-life world. The protagonist Quill also recognises who you are and tries to point out tips when you’re stuck. Quill’s intricate hand movements actually promotes sign language as she uses her body, hands and squeaks to communicate with you.

Apex Construct Coming Soon

Announced at PGW today, this first-person shooter (FPS) takes adventure to a futuristic, robot-filled sci-fi world. You play as the last human on a world where synthetic creatures seek to dominate their new hunting grounds. Created by Fast Travel Games, this Swedish studio is formed of Ex-Rovio, EA and DICE staff.

Bow to Blood – 2018

Another newly announced title, Bow to Blood is a multiplayer videogame where players pilot airships into combat with other players. PlayStation VR owners can go solo or team up to battle rivals. Stand and fight or reposition on your foe? It’s your call.

League of War: VR Arena – November 7th 2017

Announced back in August this real-time tabletop warfare simulator should be something strategy fans will enjoy. Players will have access to 12 different units, four of which can be deployed at one time. This includes tanks, soldiers, flamethrowers, artillery and helicopters. Each unit costs energy to put on the battlefield – so don’t start spamming out loads of troops without thinking careful first.

Stifled – October 31st 2017

Showcased at E3 this year, this videogame asks players to see the world through sound; similar to how echolocation would work underwater. The noise you make highlight the surroundings around you in a creepy white line drawing style. Unfortunately, whilst using sound shows your path it also draws the attention of enemies.  You will need to balance your need to see versus your need to keep safe. A slow and steady process that really gets under your skin.

Sprint Vector – Coming Soon

A fast-paced obstacle course racing title that asks players to swing their arms back and forth in order to increase the speed at which they travel. Climb, jump, leap across various obstacles and compete against friends or A.I.

Star Child – Coming Soon

Developers Playful Corp have created a dark, cyberpunk world where strange creatures roam in a bizarre neon-lit world. A side-scrolling platform experience, the protagonist has to solve puzzles and take an elevator deeper into an alien world.Star Child ScreenshotTransference – Coming Soon

Announced at E3, Elijah Wood’s videogame company Spectrevision and Ubisoft have created a psychological thriller videogame where players delve into the destructive tale of a man’s obsession as they explore his digitally recreated memories. Think Inception, but as a videogame where you have to solve puzzles in the man’s memories. VRFocus did an interview with Kyle McCullough from SpectreVision if you want more information.

Ultrawings VR – Coming Soon

Available on the Samsung Gear VR and now coming to PlayStation VR, this flying simulator allows you to try three different aircrafts, has several missions which in turn allows the player to purchase airports across three separate islands. Shoot balloons, take photos, fly through rings, race against players or practice that perfect landing.

Dead Hungry – October 31st 2017

This tongue-in-cheek action videogame allows you to cook up a storm as a chef feeding some very hungry zombies. That’s right, you’re not killing zombies on mass but feeding them some very well-cooked hamburgers instead. Perfect for Halloween.

Eden Tomorrow – Coming Soon

Set in sci-fi world on what seems another planet, PGW is the first time anything of this videogame was showcased and very little is known about it for sure. However, it appears to be the evolution of previously announced VR title Eden. And features some very strange and bizarre looking creatures that resemble a Brachiosaurus. The teaser also features three-armed robotic drones and enormous monsters.

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV – November 21st 2017

Showcasing the first hands-on previews at PGW, the gameplay features customisable costumes, a various array of fish (and other creatures) and various ways of catching fish from travel to sonar detection.

Megalith – 2018

A first-person videogame where you play as a titan on a quest to become a powerful god. With destructible environment and a range of weapons in a stylised world.

Smash Hit Plunder – 2018

Set in a medieval castle with ghostly inhabitants, you play a young mage recently returned from magic school on a quest to delve into their family’s fraught past. You have to rebuild your family’s wealth and use your wand to uncover treasure, coins and crowns. As the name of the title suggests, you’ll have to do a lot of smashing and hitting things to do that. Venture into multiple dungeons, secret rooms and set things on fire, smash everything you see or sneak up on ghosts to find hidden gold.

Blood and Truth – 2018

Another new title to add to the growing list of PlayStation VR games available for players, you play a brutal gangster in London. On a quest to avenge his murdered family, you have to break into enemy hideouts, casinos and gun down your enemies. You need to be prepared for both stealth gameplay as well as ready to throw yourself into the action. The teaser showcase lock picking and a bomb detonating as you shoot down enemies.

Those are the latest videogames that have been announced or will be coming soon to the PlayStation VR. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of all the videogames and follow VRFocus for any further announcements on the videogames.

Sci-Fi Dino Adventure Eden Tomorrow Coming to PlayStation VR in 2018

During Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) Paris Games Week (PGW) 2017 press conference the company showcased a sizzle reel full of upcoming PlayStation VR titles. During the trailer a new videogame was shown for a brief few seconds which featured dinosaur looking creatures on an arid desert world, Eden Tomorrow. Now VRFocus has a few more details to for you to mull over.

Eden Tomorrow is the work of German developer Soulpix, challenging players to survive in a hostile alien world filled with giant creatures, some of which appear more hostile than others. To accompany the announcement the studio has now released a new trailer although it doesn’t exactly detail any more of the actual videogame, merely revealing a launch window of Spring 2018.

Eden Tomorrow screencap 2

Eden Tomorrow isn’t actually a new title as it first appeared back in 2015 during Gamescom in Germany, simply called EDEN. Originally EDEN allowed players to control three separate characters, a bloke, and robotic dog and a flying drone, each of which has its own specific attributes to help the group survive the harsh environment.

In the latest trailer this still seems to be partially the case as the drone and male character both featured. However there was no sign of the players four legged companion. Of course over the last couple of years plans may have changed, just like the title, with Soulpix streamlining the experience ready for release.

At the time VRFocus spoke with Soulpix’s owner Frank Sennholz about the title, discussing the story and how the gameplay mechanics worked. We also previewed the early title, generally being fairly impressed with the experience, saying: “even this early on, this is a title that should already be on any VR fan’s radar.” Eden Tomorrow may have dropped of most people’s radar with the lack of info released by Soulpix since then, but that’s not going to be an issue for much longer.

As VRFocus learns more about Eden Tomorrow now that it’s resurfaced after two years in the wilderness, what’s changed, if its PlayStation VR exclusive (it was originally an Oculus Rift experience) and more we’ll let you know.