AR and VR: Our Deep Wish to Make the Virtual Real

When we close our eyes at night we enter a virtual dream world. We can fly, see loved ones who’ve passed, and defy the limits of physical reality. Time, space, and our bodies are different in our dreams. Anything is possible and the rules of the physical waking world no longer apply. Our imagination reigns […]

AR For Marketing Conference (29th April)

There are just 2 weeks left to book your place at the The Augmented Reality Marketing Conference & Business Exchange, which is taking place at Croke Park, Dublin. (29th April 2015).

AR and VR work will be showcased for Tesco, HSBC, Ted Baker, Lufthansa, Honeywell, Mercedes, Heat and Grazia Magazines, River Island, Lacoste, Capita, New Look, VISA and Pizza Hut to name a few.

In addition there will be a ground-breaking Oculus Rift VR Project to MENA for a Fortune 200 Aviation company, an art gallery using extensive AR to enliven experience with commercial benefit and specific practical projects in construction, medical, entertainment, advertising, publishing, education and retail.

There is an awesome agenda and you’ll have the opportunity to try out the latest wearable tech including Oculus Rift, Epson Movario, Vizux, Google, Melon Headband, and Meta Glasses.

Topics include:

  • Augmented Reality: The 8th Mass Medium
  • How wearables will impact on AR adoption across different sectors
  • Futurology and where the next wave of mixed reality will intersect
  • Let’s Get Real – Ground-breaking Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • From Engine Room to Museum Hall. How innovations can deliver the right content in the right context for both enterprises and cultural institutions
  • When AR stands for Actionable and Realistic: how to keep it simple yet effective
  • Harnessing AR in Experiential Marketing so as to maximize ROI
  • The advertising opportunities that Virtual & Augmented Reality bring to brands
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality = Mixed Reality Marketing
  • How Augmented Reality Has Got Social
  • Why AR solutions will become essential to healthcare practitioners in all surgical specialties”
  • Technology as a means to improve our world
  • Drag & drop kit for estate agents or developers wanting potential customers to browse a space
  • They will know it when they see it: the potential of AR, and VR, in selling the ideal home

Tickets cost €195 + VAT, €510 + VAT for a group of three. Head over to for more information and to book you place now.

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Optinvent Unveils consumer oriented ORA-X Smart Glass

Optinvent Unveils the Smart Glass that doesn’t make you look like a Creep

 orax1 ORAX2

The ORA-X is a revolutionary mobile device in a disruptive form factor – Forget “Smart Glasses” that look geeky. Enter a new category: Smart Headphones – running Android – with high quality audio – and an adjustable see-through display.


January 05, 2014, Las Vegas, NV. – Optinvent, a world leader in smart digital eyewear, unveils today, for the first time anywhere, the design of its revolution ORA-X smart headphones.

Targeting music lovers on the go, the ORA-X is a brand new category that is part smart glass, part high-end wireless audio headphones. It runs Android and will feature quality audio sound as well as a disruptive see-through retinal projection technology.

“Smart Glasses have been plagued by what I call a ‘paradigm prison’. You can’t make a fashion accessory out of them no matter how hard you try. Consumers are just not ready to embrace looking geeky for the added functionality.” says Kayvan Mirza, CEO and Co-Founder of Optinvent. “The ORA-X is a clean break from this paradigm. Now not only can you hear music, but you can ‘see music’.   And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.   It’s also about hands free mobile computing without looking like a cyborg. It’s about “augmenting your senses” while still looking stylish.”

Imagine watching music videos and clips on the go, searching the web, video conferencing, taking pictures, sharing on social networks, GPS, and all the other uses that smart glasses promise…. without looking like a cyborg. Traditional headphones can give you high quality audio but their functionality hasn’t evolved much beyond that. However, they have become a fashion statement and people can be seen flaunting these colorful head-worn accessories. The ORA-X wants to go further by adding vision. This is a new and compelling user experience and this revolutionary device could mean the end of the “regular” headset. Why just hear when you can see?


The ORA-X is scheduled to be released in 2015. It will run standard Android apps – just like any standalone smartphone or tablet device. It is based on Optinvent’s cutting edge display technology and includes high end acoustics.

On the hardware side, specifications include:

  • Large, transparent virtual display
  • High fidelity speakers w/ active noise cancellation
  • Microphone (for calls and voice commands)
  • Front-facing camera
  • 9 axis motion sensor
  • Wireless connectivity (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS)
  • Trackpad (mouse and swipe) for tactile interactions with the device
  • High capacity Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Powerful microprocessor and GPU with enough memory to support complex applications

For more information, please visit

About Optinvent

Optinvent is a world leader in digital eyewear and see-through retinal projection technology. Optinvent’s team has 20+ years of experience in the field of consumer electronics and is recognized in the industry for developing cutting edge patented technologies and products.


Press contact:

Maiwenn Regnault

(415) 609-0140

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Augmented Reality at CES 2015 – What to expect? and Ori Inbar will be hanging out at the AR Pavilion – booth #SV6 at the entrance to the Sands Expo Level 2 at CES 2015. Come see us!

What else to expect at CES 2015?

Here are new announcements:

Optinvent unveils the ORA-X

The ORA-X is a revolutionary mobile device in a disruptive form factor – Forget “Smart Glasses” that look geeky. Enter a new category: Smart Headphones – running Android – with high quality audio – and an adjustable see-through display.

Vuzix announced a 30% stake investment by Intel

A great vote of confidence in the Smart Glasses pioneer
Vuzix is also expected to show a working pre-production demo of slim see through stereo AR glasses

ODG to unveil sub $1000 consumer Smart Glasses  at CES 2015 booth #SV6

Epson to showcase Application Developers

Epson to Showcase New Consumer and Enterprise Apps on Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses

at booth 74728

Augmented Reality Apps for Live Action Gaming, Education, Manufacturing and More Demonstrate Power of Platform for Merging Digital Content with Real-World Environment

LyteShot, PlayAR, EON Experience VR, NGRAIN, Aero Glass, Augumenta, Scope AR, Metaio, APX Labs, Rochester Optical,

Softkinetic Reveals 3D Vision Technology for Augmented Reality Mobile Platforms

Sony SmartEyeGlass

Sony Electronics Suite 30-111, Sony Electronics Inc. N108, 14200

Seebright Wave new product announcement at booth 75480

Atheer Showcases Gesture-Controlled AiR™Smart Glasses

ARM Meeting Space MP25256; South Hall 2 (Ground Level)

Augumenta announces Roshambo Reloaded

Will demo new game at the Epson Sands Expo booth #74728


InfinityAR showcases its engine with Lumus Glasses at booth #SV6


XOEye Technologies and Vuzix Announce Partnership

XOEye Technologies and Vuzix Partner to Deliver End-to-End Enterprise Wearable Technology Solutions in North America and Europe

XOEye is exhibiting its solutions this week at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas at the Eureka Park NEXT pavilion located in the Sands Convention Center, Level 2, Booth #75616.

Qualcomm to demonstrate Tablets with DepthSense Cameras and Vuforia

Qualcomm will demonstrate on their main booth a Sony Experia tablet with our embedded DepthSense camera running an new  Vuforia build
 Booth #8252

Hyundai to show an Augmented Reality Head Up Display at CES

Also, don’t miss:

CastAR’s Jeri in CNET’s SuperSession panel – The Next Big Thing: New Realities. Tuesday, January 6th, in LVCC, North Hall, Room N257, from 3:30-4:30 PM.  

Additional notable AR and VR presence at CES 2015

  • Kopin at the Venetian Palazzo Hospitality Suites
  • APX will also be present at the following booths: Vuzix, Epson, and Sony
  • Occipital unveils new gaming experience at CES South Hall (gaming area), also at Sands as part of Autodesk (Spark)
  • Lumus Suite 335

  • MicroVision, Inc. Suite 469, Suite 569, Suite 571

  • Sulon Technologies Inc. 26214

  • Tobii 71837

  • XOEye Technologies 75616

  • Oculus VR 26002, MP25965

  • Avegant Corporation 74547

  • eyeSight Mobile Technologies at the Venetian Palazzo Hospitality Suites 72037

  • Dassault Systemés | 3DEXCITE 72722

  • Canon N109, 13106

  • Daqri’s new Smart Helmet at Suite


Predictions for 2015

Finally, the best collection of predictions for Wearable Tech in 2015 by Tom Emrich:




And to get the lowdown of the Smart Glasses market, key players, adoption – get your copy of AugmentedReality.Org’s Smart Glasses Report at


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Share your AR opinion – Win A Pair of Smart Glasses

Our good friends over at Wikitude are rounding off 2014 with an Augmented Reality Survey, to better understand the AR community’s needs and top feature requests to provide better AR solutions and experiences. And we all want better AR experiences right!

So, not only do you get to share your opinion on AR to help shape the future, but Wikitude have team up with Vuzix and are offering an amazing Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses and a copy of their SDK in a prize worth over €3400.

It’s an awesome prize, so head over to Wikitudes site now for your chance to win.



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Smart Glasses Report Predicts 1 Billion Shipments By 2020

New York, NY – November 5, 2014: A new report by AugmentedReality.Org is predicting that the Smart Glasses market will soar towards 1 billion shipments near the end of the decade. The report, “Smart Glasses Market 2014”, defines the scope of the Smart Glasses (or Augmented Reality Glasses) market, predicts how fast it will ramp up, and which companies are positioned to gain from it. It forecasts the adoption phases between 2014-2023, the drivers and challenges for adoption, and how hardware and software companies, as well as investors should plan ahead to take part in the next big computing cycle.

Get the Report

Progress and Mind Share Small

With over 10 new Smart Glasses launched in 2014 – this is a banner year for Smart Glasses. AugmentedReality.Org expects shipments to reach 1 million by fall 2015 – mostly for enterprises, followed by an increase to 10 million by 2016, 50-100 million shipments by 2018, and eventually capture the mainstream consumer space and cross 1 billion shipments at the turn of the decade. The report predicts that as the market matures and early winners emerge, by the end of 2016 the market will experience a “shakeup” with mergers, acquisitions, and significant investments. It argues that consumer electronics giants, and other players in the ecosystem have no more than a 12 months window to position their companies in the space (build, buy, partner) – or risk missing the opportunity.

Market Adoption Small

Enterprises Will Lead, Consumers Will Follow 

Driven by need of Fortune 500 companies to become more competitive, the largest investments in Smart Glasses and related software in the next few years will come mostly from the enterprise space. AR Glasses targeting niches (Bicycle helmets, competitive sports, entertainment) could also thrive. Once enterprise usage irons out the kinks of Smart Glasses and pushes their prices further down – the consumer market will take the lead – with the goal to ship a pair of Smart Glasses to every consumer.

Target Audience 

  • Hardware manufacturers and suppliers

  • Hardware startups

  • Software developers

  • Investors

  • The entire Augmented Reality ecosystem

Key Questions Answered in this Report

  • How will the market evolve?

  • Who are the key players? What are their strategies?

  • What is the competitive landscape?

  • What are the needs, challenges, and solutions?

  • What’s the value chain for AR Glasses?

  • What’s the forecast for market adoption in the next decade?

  • What are the drivers for adoption?

  • What’s the right price? The right timing?

  • Will this market happen at all? How big can it get?

Companies Mentioned in this Report

Google, Epson, Vuzix, Optinvent, Lumus, Meta, Sony, Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Kopin, ODG, Atheer, Glassup, Mirama, Penny, Laster, Recon, Innovega, Elbit, Brother, Oakley, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Canon, Lenovo, Baidu, Nokia, LG, Olympus, Foxcon, Konica Minolta, Daqri, Skully Helmets, Fusar, Magic Leap, Oculus.

AugmentedReality.Org is a global not-for-profit organization with a mission to advance Augmented Reality to advance humanity. It catalyzes the transformation of the AR industry by educating the market about the real power of AR, connecting the best talent around the world, and hatching AR Startups and helping bring them to market. This report is a service to the community funded by members and sponsors.

About the Author: Ori Inbar is the Co-Founder and CEO of Augmented Reality.ORG, and the founder and producer of Augmented World Expo – the world’s largest conference for AR. He dedicates his time is to explore and analyze every aspect of the industry, try every product, and speak with every expert. He lives and breathes Augmented Reality. In 2009, Ori was the co-founder and CEO of Ogmento, one of the first venture-backed companies focused on augmented reality games. Ori is recognized as a passionate speaker in the AR industry, a lecturer at NYU, as well as a sought after adviser and board member for augmented reality startups.

Watch Ori Inbar present key findings from the Smart Glasses Report at InsideAR 2014

For further details please contact info@AugmentedReality.Org or +1 (571) 293-2013

The 27 pages report is available for $799 on AugmentedReality.Org’s website.

AugmentedReality.Org members may purchase the report at a discount for just $99.

Get the Report

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Augmented Planet 2014 – November 17th, London

Augmented Planet is back for our 5th annual Augmented Reality conference being held at the very cool Google Campus, London – 17th November 2014.

If you’re a developer, brand, digital agency or just have passion for Augmented Reality then this is the years must attend event. See what’s hot with wearables, hear from the industry’s leading speakers and much more!

Find out more and register for FREE here –

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AR Glasses Workshop

No doubt about it, there is a huge amount of interest in AR glasses with many of you eager to get your hands on a pair to try. But unless you are lucky enough to know someone who owns a pair, opportunities can be fairly limited

As we start to finalise the agenda for Augmented Planet 2014, I’m please to announce, Andreas Hauser from Wikitude will be running a 60-minute “Customized AR SDKs for Smart Glasses“ workshop. The workshop will focus on AR Glasses and how their new and unique interfaces change the way we use, develop, and interact with augmented reality

The workshop is a must for anyone who wants to try a variety of AR Glasses, and for developers looking to understand some of the key challenges compared to AR on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The workshop will be split into 2 parts.

The 1st half hour will consist of an introduction to the different kinds of AR Glasses currently available in the market and their peculiarities (see-through vs non-see-through, monocular vs binocular etc.). It will also cover an introduction into the software (SDKs and applications) available to develop for and use AR Glasses.

The 2nd half hour will allow the participants to get hands-on with AR glasses and some demo applications. Participants will be able to try the Glasses themselves to get a full overview on what is currently possible.

If you want try out various AR Glasses and learn how you can build your own AR enabled applications, make sure you book your place at Augmented Planet 2014 now. It’s free to attend and takes place on the 17th November in London.


Keep your eye on the Augmented Planet Event website for as we announce more speakers and content.


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Augmented Reality Events

The end of the year is always a good time to get along to an AR conference and see some cutting edge examples of AR in action. This year is particularly exciting as there are so many companies eager to make AR hardware available to consumers. 2015 is going to an exciting year.

As it happens there are two fantastic events taking place in October and November that will help you get ready for 2015 and see some of the exciting hardware that’s just around the corner.

First up is InsideAR which takes place in Munich on 29th & 30th October.
InsideAR is one of the largest AR events boasting over 1000 attendees, 15 hours of talks and 10 workshops. With a focus on 3D sensors and wearable technologies, if you are serious about AR, you need to be at this event.  Tickets normally cost €395 but if you book before 30th September you can save yourself a cool €100 on the ticket price.

You can learn more InsideAR here

Augmented Planet
Every year at Augmented Planet we host our own AR event in London. This year’s event will be held at the Google Campus Building in London on the 17th November. AP2014 is free to attend and we’ll be focusing on AR and wearable’s.  I’ll be publishing the agenda soon (damn the time consuming day job), but be sure to book your place now as space is limited and the event is almost fully booked.

Book your place at AP2014 here

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