Captain ToonHead Gets November Oculus Quest, PC Release Date

Zany tower defense shooter, Captain ToonHead vs the Punks from Outer Space, is landing on its first platforms in November.

The wave-based first-person shooter hybrid will launch on Oculus Quest, Rift and HTC Vive on November 11. The previously announced PSVR version will launch in 2022, as will Valve Index support for the PC VR version.

Captain ToonHead casts you as the titular clumsy hero, who ventures across the galaxy to save a race of blocky aliens from swarms of enemy punks, dinosaurs and chickens. To do this, you’ll build towers using resources you gather from defeated enemies, and can even join in the battle with dual-wielding pistols and temporarily controlling towers yourself.

We played an early preview of the game back in August. Though the wave-based genre is played out in VR, we enjoyed the game’s depth, from the extensive upgrade system to the tiny details in the visuals. That said, the game’s slapstick comedy wasn’t quite for us, save for a burrito-related incident at the start.

“I’ve definitely been enjoying my time with the game, from considering strategy and tower placements at the start of the level to the frantic switch up in tactics when a t-rex makes it past the last of my defences,” we said. “I’d need Captain ToonHead to really start doubling down on difficulty if it was going to amount to anything more than a decent shooter with some welcome (if hit and miss) personality.”

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Loco Dojo Unleashes Multiplayer Mayhem on Oculus Quest in October

Loco Dojo Unleashed

Loco Dojo was a quirky mini-game compendium released in 2017 for PC VR headsets. Designed by Make Real, the studio revealed earlier this year it was working on an Oculus Quest port with lots of new refinements, Loco Dojo Unleashed. Today, the team has confirmed the launch is only a couple of weeks away.

Loco Dojo Unleashed

Just like the original, Loco Dojo Unleashed is a party experience for 2-4 players where you can all compete across 16 eccentric mini-games like milking pigs with baby pigs or swatting bats with nunchuck hotdogs. These all take place across four themed areas, Countryside, RockyDesert, Seaside and Foggy Swamp, all set inside a dojo run by the Grand Sensei – who is voiced by the awesome Brian Blessed.

In addition to the previous Table of Trials tournament mode this updated version will also feature a new Quick Match mode, designed to speed up multiplayer lobbies and matchmaking. “For launch we wanted to make sure it is as easy as possible to pick-up and play and get into games. We’ve removed elements that slowed gameplay down and added those that improve players understanding of how to become the master within the dojo,” said Sam Watts, Immersive Partnerships Director at Make Real in a statement.

Loco Dojo Unleashed isn’t purely about multiplayer gaming, as it has a couple of single-player modes. Ten Trials Test was already present from the original but this time around there’s also Solo Dojo. Here you can hone those mini-game skills and unlock new masks in the process.

Loco Dojo Unleashed

The gameplay revolves around you standing in the Grand Sensei’s dojo with a circular table in the middle. Featuring a map of the four themed areas, players take it, in turn, to spin the dice wheel and move their counter around the board, landing on a new trial or winning strategic prizes. The goal is to accumulate as many Golden Suns as possible to win the coveted black headband.

Loco Dojo Unleashed is scheduled to launch on 7th October 2021 for Oculus Quest. As an added bonus, if you previously purchased the title for Oculus Rift on the Oculus Store then you’ll be able to download Loco Dojo Unleashed at no extra charge, as it is cross-buy compatible. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Make Real, reporting back with all the latest updates.

Here’s Steam Deck Running A Valve Index With SteamVR Home

The first developer kits for Valve’s Steam Deck handheld console are going out and, inevitably, someone’s already got SteamVR running on it. Or SteamVR Home, at least.

Twitter user yunayuna64 posted a video of the console displaying the SteamVR Home hub when hooked up to a Valve Index headset. We don’t get to see any actual games running on the device and only the headset itself is connected to the kit, not the Valve Index controllers, but it does at least seem like head-tracking is working at the very least.

Steam Deck Running Valve Index In SteamVR

According to the translated Tweets, yunayuna64 says the VR setup has “many problems”, though they don’t specify exactly what they are.

Still, it’s not hard to imagine the issues that would stem from trying to run high-powered PC VR gear off of portable PC hardware. Valve previously confirmed that it won’t stop users from linking up VR headsets to the kit if they want to but, even if Steam Deck is a powerhouse for flatscreen games, it’s tough to imagine it being able to cope with the likes of Half-Life: Alyx.

It’s a pretty interesting glimpse as the system’s core functionality all the same. And, while Steam Deck might not be optimized for VR, Valve did recently tease that the device could pave the way for a possible standalone SteamVR headset.

Are you interested in pairing the Steam Deck with a VR headset? Or are you happy waiting for whatever Valve does next with VR? Let us know in the comments below!

VR Party Game Loco Dojo Hits Oculus Quest Next Month With Cross-Buy

Make Real’s VR party game, Loco Dojo, comes to Oculus Quest next month as Loco Dojo Unleashed.

The frantic four-player experience launches on October 7. The studio announced the news this week, though we previously confirmed the game was coming to the standalone headset earlier this year. This version will include all 16 minigames featured in the PC VR version of the title, which released all the way back in 2017. It even supports cross-buy so, if you already bought it in the Oculus Store for Rift, you’ll get the Quest version free of charge.

Check out the new trailer for the game below.

Loco Dojo Unleashed Trailer

Loco Dojo boasts a gorgeous visual style based around wooden toys and features four different biomes to play the games in. One game will have you catching fish with giant grab claws as they jump out of the water, one will have you trying to scoop up eggs as they’re fired around and one will have you punching a cactus. As you play, you can collect masks to wear and show off in multiplayer. The game also features narration from Brian Blessed, if you couldn’t tell from the booming tones in the trailer.

The Quest version of the game includes some new features, like a Quick Match mod to jump into multiplayer lobbies faster, a new tournament mode for 2 – 4 players and new single-player modes with extra unlockables.

We haven’t tried the game ourselves yet but this will definitely be one to watch for those that want a Mario Party-style experience inside VR. We’ll look to bring you a full review as we get closer to the game’s launch next month.


Air Guitar Rhythm Game ‘Unplugged’ Launches on Quest October 21st, on PC VR Later This Year

Unplugged is an upcoming VR rhythm game which makes use of full finger-tracking for a Rock Band-like experience, but with an ‘air guitar’ instead of a plastic peripheral. Today developer Anotherway announced the game’s release date for October 21st on Oculus Quest, and affirmed that a PC VR version will launch later this year.

As far as controllerless hand-tracking games on Quest go, the vast majority are using the tech for simple pinch and poke interactions (though we’ve seen some really cool ideas out there). Unplugged, on the other hand, is using hand-tracking in a creative way which promises to finally make your air guitar a reality.

The game definitely builds on the vibes of classic instrument-based rhythm games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but this time without the plastic guitar.

Today developer Anotherway announced that the Unplugged release date is set for October 21st on Quest.

Later this year the game will also come to PC VR, though it will only support hardware with full finger-tracking, which primarily means any headset using Index controllers (unfortunately Oculus hasn’t brought Quest’s hand-tracking to Rift S).

The studio seems to indicate that other finger-tracking hardware could be supported, but it isn’t entirely clear which they are be referring to. HTC Vive headsets technically support controllerless finger-tracking, though it’s rare to see it implemented. Many Pimax headsets include controllerless finger-tracking from Ultraleap, but it isn’t clear if they will be supported either. We’ve reached out to the studio for clarity.

The studio also announced a partial song list for Unplugged featuring some well known rock songs:

  • Bumblefoot – Overloaded
  • Freak Kitchen – My New Haircut
  • Louis and The Shakes – On One
  • Lynch Mob – Wicked Sensation
  • Ozzy Osbourne – Flying High Again
  • The Electric Alley – Searching For The Truth
  • The Offspring – The Kids Aren’t Alright
  • The YeahTones – Lightning
  • Weezer – Say It Ain’t So

More songs are expected to be announced prior to launch.

The studio has also recruited Steel Panther guitarist Russ “Satchel” Parrish to be the in-game mentor to guide players through the experience.

– – — – –

You might be wondering to yourself, “why not just do the real Rock Band in VR?” Well, actually that already exists. Harmonix, the studio behind the series, was actually an early adopter of VR and released Rock Band VR back in 2017 on Rift; though you needed one of the series’ guitar controllers to play (and an adapter to connect your VR controller to the guitar to track it).

Unfortunately the game wasn’t exactly a hit, perhaps because of the hardware requirements and a lack of any kind of multiplayer functionality (which has been core to Rock Band’s DNA). Unplugged may not have multiplayer, but at least it doesn’t require any extra peripherals. With Quest’s pick-up-and-play nature, it’ll be interesting to see how well it fares on that headset.

Harmonix went on to find more success with Audica (2019), a more abstract VR rhythm game built around target shooting.

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