Summit Tech Demonstrate VR Video Calls At MWC 2018

Back in March 2017, Summit Tech announced it was launching a new product called VRCalling, which used Rich Communications Technology, or RCS to allow smartphones and high-end virtual reality (VR) headsets to be linked together. This technology has since evolved, and is being demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Summit Tech’s RCS solution allows smartphone users to get a glimpse of the kind of high-end VR experiences that are available on platforms such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The AR/VR Calling systems allows for voice and video calls and chat messaging to and from any smartphone.

VR Calling for VoLTE/ViLTE (CNW Group/Summit Tech)

The technology also allows users to share 360-degree video in real time. This allows users to invite friends and family to share a holiday, sporting event or concert, and comment upon what they see in voice or text. For more professional use, users can enter a 3D environment such as a conference room to take part in RCS-powered group chat.

The company is demonstrating the technology at its booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Live musical performances in the booth will be used to display to visitors how an event livestream can be used to engage with performers and spectators as well as those watching remotely be making the experience more interactive, including such features as video walls showing video calls and messages from virtual spectators.

Alido Di Giovanni, President of Summit Tech commented: “It’s a fascinating time to be a mobile network operator. Opportunities seem endless with the advent of 5G, IoT and RCS services. Imagine your mobile network offering VoLTE/ViLTE users with Augmented & Virtual Reality Calling through a unified user experience. Well you don’t need to imagine it, come and experience it at MWC,” Di Giovanni concluded, “In a market which in the past was resigned to innovation coming from OTT players, we have come up with a whole new way for wireless operators to re-take the initiative with awe-inspiring services.”

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Summit Tech Announce Launch of VR/AR Video Calling and Live Streaming

Summit Tech have announced a new product called VRCalling, which allows users of devices such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Gear VR to share their experience with anyone who has a compatible smartphone.

The product uses Rich Communications Technology (RCS), which is already being used by some Mobile Carriers for enhancing messaging and calls with apps like joyn, Message+ and Advanced Messaging.

Summit Tech are using the RCS technology to link smartphones and VR headsets together for a range of experiences such as:

  • Immersive live-streaming entertainment by connecting to 360° streams from sporting events or music concerts.
  • Immersive meetings/training that bridge the divide between telepresence sessions and physical attendance.
  • Immersive edutainment – students can explore educational locations like museums, galleries and observatories and interact with students in distant locations through overlaid video calling and group chat.

Alido Di Giovanni, President of Summit, commented: “We want to empower operators to rapidly launch VR/AR services and secure new revenue streams. To facilitate carriers in piloting RCS VR, we are also demonstrating a white-label IMS cloud service.”

VRFocus will bring you further information on VRCalling once it becomes available.

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