Star Wars Day Returns, Here’s How to Celebrate in VR

It seems to come around faster and faster each year, and so once again it’s May 4th, which of course means Star Wars day. Fans love it and everyone else may loath it but the day is now part of geek culture whatever your stance. And when it comes to immersive Star Wars content there’s plenty to choose from, with deals going on as well as special one-day-only content.

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge

So let’s start with the brand new stuff that’s arrived, and that’s getting fit in Supernatural on Meta Quest. The fitness app is hosting a special promotion with an exclusive Star Wars Day workout. Supernatural’s  Coach Doc will take players on a heart-pumping workout featuring some of the franchise’s most famous tracks. These are; Main Title, Imperial Attack; Cantina Band, The Imperial March and The Throne Room & End Title.

Do be aware, however, that Supernatural is not only a subscription-based app ($19/month or $179/annually) but its also region locked to North America. So not all Star Wars fans worldwide can access the content.

If you do own a Meta Quest 1 or 2 then not to worry, there are still plenty of other ways to enjoy Star Wars Day. Until 11:59 pm PT on 5th May (7:59 am BST 6th May) there are a bunch of deals available via the Oculus Store, reducing prices by up to 50%.

Star Wars Pinball VR

Meta Quest will also be at Walt Disney World Resort until 21sy July where guests can preview ILMxLAB’s Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge and get free stuff!

As for the rest, here’s all the home Star Wars VR content gmw3 could find:

Should any more Star Wars games come to VR then gmw3 will let you know.

Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 VR Fan Remake Looks Amazing

A fan is remaking seminal Star Wars game, Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, in VR and it already looks pretty promising.

Updates on the project from Guido Mariano are being shared over on Twitter, including the below look at the lightsaber melting effect seen when you hold the blade up against a surface. The original Jedi Outcast used this to great effect, giving you a sense of just how dangerous the weapon was.

There’s also some very early grey box demos below, complete with Stormtroopers and their rifles. Marino also has a Patreon subscription setup for anyone that wants to follow the project.

Jedi Knight 2 is best known for being one of the first Star Wars games to deliver convincing, visceral Star Wars combat, casting players as a mercenary turned Jedi named Kyle Katarn, and set after the events of the original movies. It was much a first-person shooter as anything else, though, with players also able to wield pistols and rifles as they took the fight to the remnants of the Empire.

Funnily enough there’s also a VR remake of Star Wars: Dark Forces in the works, which was the first time players met Katarn. Jedi Knight 2 is technically a second sequel to that game, with the first Jedi Knight (which is also great!) being labelled as Dark Forces 2.

There’s plenty of Star Wars VR fan projects on the way, then. Hopefully we’re not far off from what’s next from Vader Immortal and Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge developer, ILMxLAB, too.